What to Buy a 2-Year-Old for Her BirthdayWhat to Buy a 2-Year-Old for Her Birthday

Birthdays are the events where everyone is concerned about gifts. Giving and receiving gifts boosts relationships and creates a loving environment. But if we talk about kids and specially girls, it’s a tricky job to do.

Believe me, girls are very picky about colors, so always choose the right ones. Finding a perfect birthday gift for 2 years old girl needs some guts.

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Here to make your life easier, we researched and found some of the most hot selling and latest birthday gifts for 2-year-old girls.

1. HOMOFY Magnetic Blocks40PCS

What if I told you that there is a gift that can enhance mental abilities? The latest researches prove that in early age, toys play a vital role in learning. The same criteria is adopted by almost every top standard school to teach toddlers.

HOMOFY Magnetic Blocks40PCS

These HOMOFY blocks are a perfect mind-stimulating game. 40PCS comes with the package, which is enough for two-three babies. From square to circular and even some triangular block also available. If your princess wants to make a DIY dollhouse, it’s also possible. Little doors and windows also came along with the package.

Some key features:

  • It comes in three neon colors Pink, Blue and Purple.
  • BPA-Free plastic is used in its manufacturing.
  • Girls and even boys can play with it.
  • From age group three to seven, every kid can play with it.
  • All the blocks are magnetic.
  • Babies can’t swallow it.


  • A carrying pouch also comes with it.
  • Built quality is tough.
  • Recommended up to age 14 kids.
  • Non-toxic


  • Packaging quality can be improved.

2. HahaGift Educational Toys for 2-Year-Old Girl Gifts

A day will come when your baby has to leave for school. To make her experience beautiful, you must prepare her before time. This Educational toy can the best 2-year-old girl birthday gift.

HahaGift Educational Toys

Let me tell you why? It has almost visual and as well alphabetical stuff. Your little girl can play with it for many years, and the reason it’s quality cards and letter cubes.

Some key features

  • Perfect for babies upto age five.
  • 30 laminated cards with different colorful pictures.
  • 60 alphabetic letters of BPA-Free plastic.
  • Letter and cardholder came along with the package.
  • Helps in recognition of letters, colors, and animals


  • Two kids can play with it alternatively.
  • Perfect for home learning
  • The packaging is great.
  • Improve thinking ability


  • Resolution of images is not satisfactory.

3. Conomus Piano Keyboard Toy for 2-year-old birthday girl

Birthdays don’t come daily. So always buy gifts that are meaningful and playful at the same time. Playing Piano is an art and extremely appreciated worldwide.

conomus piano keyboard toy for 2-year-old birthday girl

Girls are famine in nature and can learn faster as compared to boys. This piano keyboard toy can be the first step of the ladder. It is a perfect gift for a 2-year-old girl’s birthday. The playing tones are identical to genuine.

Some key features

  • There are 24 piano keys with different musical tones.
  • 22 demo songs are also uploaded for learning purposes.
  • Butterfly LEDs are also available to make the experience wonderful.
  • Plastic quality is non-toxic and durable.
  • A mic also comes to record your own voice.


  • Extreme customization
  • 18 multifunctional keys
  • Only 4x AAA batteries are enough to power it up.


  • No other color available.

Things One Should Consider Before Grabbing A Gift

Learning Factor

Your little princess is growing faster. It’s the age of learning. Everyday your little girl encounters multiple new things. Always try that your little baby experiences only the good ones. Now it’s her birthday, a defining moment for you as well. Gifts can be anything, but meaningful gifts can be productive and help in improving behaviors.


Color has a very significant impact on behaviors as well as on eyes. It’s a common phrase that girls universally like pink, but it’s not true in toddlers’ case. 2-year baby girl loves to play with bold colors. you can also choose something having multiple colors, like a baby dollhouse.


Usually, all toddlers are of the same nature. They always love to play with colorful, musical and on-wheel toys. For girls there is wide range of toys. A cosmetic kit, a doctor’s kit, An animal cart toy, jingling puzzles, Lego kits what to buy a 2 year old for her birthday.

Dolls & Teddy Bears

There is no girl who don’t like to play with dolls. If you’re now worried about what to buy a 2 year old for her birthday. Then dolls and teddy bears are what you’re looking for. But always try to buy teddy bears with soft polyester fillings and biodegradable fabrics.

Linguistic Birthday Gifts

Every toddler starts talking almost at the age of two. There are many toys available in the market for learning languages. Such gifts enhance the IQ level and are used for a more extended time period.

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Gifts for 2-year-old girl birthdays should have learning and exciting features which can make your baby busy all the time. If you have read the article till the end, you might pretty well know about every aspect of a 2-year-old girl’s gifts. Grab your favorite one among the three, and you will be in a win-win situation.

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