Return Gift Idea for Baby ShowerReturn Gift Idea for Baby Shower

You only live once. The best way to celebrate an event is the presentation of gifts and arrangement of events. Event planning needs some creativity and investment as well. But one can also arrange multiple baby shower games to amuse guests.

Balloons, flowers and fabric material are the one of the key items for the return baby party themes. As we all know it’s the event of close done and family members only. So both Mother and Father to be requires an equal level of attention. Here I discussed baby shower gifts in detail just stick with me.

Planning Tips for Baby Shower Return gift.

When you surf internet, you will get tons of gifts but most of them are irrelevant. The significance of gift is possible only when its valuable for receiver. To make this struggle easier there are a few things one must should consider.

Return Gift Idea for Baby Shower
Return Gift Idea for Baby Shower

Return gifts for baby shower can be of two types,

  • one for mother help like different kind of baby care products, Feeders, Honey pots, and multiple types of clothing related stuff.
  • And others for new baby amusement like wind chimes items, phone holders to make your baby busy, some kind of stuff for hanging in front of baby.

Can you give cash instead of Gifts?

Who don’t want money? Giving cash as return gift for baby shower has also no obligation. But now the question arises what should be the amount. It certainly depends upon your budget but something between $40-$50 is quite enough. If you’re a bit status conscious or want to give more then the number has no limits.

With time trends changes, there were days when we only give eatable gifts, but now we like to give expensive gifts. But while selection of gift one must know the fact everything expensive is not precious.

Here we have compiled list of six gifts 3 in each category, hope you will find it amazing and grab the one for yourself. Three for the baby care and three for mother.

Kate Aspen Ceramic Sugar Pot

Life is happening and babies are the jewels of life. When a woman is expecting a baby, she is very fascinated about it. And she wants this fascination to be treated in magnificent way. Baby shower is an event where this fascination came to reality. Return gifts for baby shower must be special and useable in routine life. They can be useful in terms of baby toys, décor items or baby care products.

Kate Aspen Ceramic Sugar Pot
Kate Aspen Ceramic Sugar Pot

This sugar pot by can be used in multiple ways for the mother as well as for the baby. Classy white color with a sugar ad spice logo is what you may like.


  • Its completely made up of very fine quality ceramic.
  • A pot cover also comes with it so no chance of dust.
  • Its dimensions are 3” X 3” X 4”, Which make it multi-purpose pot.
  • 3 items came along the package a gift box, a ribbon and “FOR YOU” tag.
  • It weighs only 9.5 ounces which is not much bulky.

Feeder Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener-24 pcs

Return gifts for baby shower needs to be premium and of routine use. Throughout a year we host and attend many parties. Every In-house party has some sort of fizzy drinks. So there is always a need of bottle openers. This bottle opener can be used in day to day life.

Feeder Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener-24 pcs
Feeder Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener-24 pcs

If you’re thinking about what’s the connection between a bottle opener and a return gift for baby shower then you must see the article again. Its premium quality rose gold shine shows its significance loudly.


  • Its completely made up of alloy so no durability issues.
  • 24pcs are enough to host any large party.
  • No need of external gift packing.
  • A gift box with a “FOR YOU” slogan comes with it.
  • The dimensions are also small, so can be easily fitted in your pocket.
  • Its approx. weight is around 54 Grams.

Gerber Baby ‘ 4 Pack Sleep ‘N Play Footie

Return gifts are equally valuable or mother as well as baby so how can we ignore baby. So, if you’re planning to gift something unique and cute then this Gerber baby footie can be your priority. It equally suitable for boys and girls. The fabric quality can be easily judged by other customer reviews. Believe me! I used it personally and its fabric is softer your baby skin.
Gerber baby-girls 4 Pack Sleep

  • It comes in 4 different designs and colors
  • Four different sizes are also available for 0-1-year toddlers.
  • A zipper at the bottom is also available to comfort your baby.
  • Some zippers irritate your baby so a neck button at the top removes this issue as well.
  • Duo nature can be used as outdoor wear or even as sleep dress.

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Gifts shows a person’s love towards other. A gift can be anything but as per event. While Return gifts for baby shower the origin of focus is mother and baby so gifts should be like this. If you have been through this blog you might have a clear view what should be your gift. Personally, I loved the last one, the reason is it’s rich in quality, cheap, and looks pretty awesome. If you’re a person who don’t know likes and dislikes of the mother to or don’t want to be in an awkward situation then giving cash is pretty fine. But first try to find a suitable gift. Hope so you have made your selection till now. Good luck!

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