30+ Best Toy Police Cars for Kids in 2021

Kid need toys not only to have fun, but to chase dreams as well. These 30+ best toy police cars meet the needs of parents and children.

If we were kids and they had such a cool police car! Today’s toy police cars are packed with new features and offer state-of-the-art technology. Of course, there are also police lights and sound effects that kids love. Would you like to buy a toy vehicle that your child uses to check and tell a story to encourage his or her creative growth?

toy police cars for kids
Toy Police Cars for Kids

Many toy companies have released police cars, each of which offers a unique experience and many cool features. In our review, we found that some toy police cars performed well in different categories such as toddlers, teens, and preteens.

So now I would like to introduce you to the top of the best police cars for kids who are thrilled on the market today to choose the right gift for your loved one on a special occasion.

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Best Toy Police Cars for Kids Review 2021

Police Motorcycle Child-Friendly Toys

12V Police Motorcycle
Ride the police bike at 5 mph on this fun ride! With forward and reverse settings, headlights, hazards and even turn signals, your child can make a cop’s dream come true in style. The bike is equipped with a rechargeable battery, so the fun never ends!

Playgro Police Car Lights and Sounds

Playgro Police Car Lights and Sounds
This fun police car is perfect for the little ones! The fun car is perfect for STEM learning and has a flashing light for the music it contains. The size is perfect for the little ones and you can imagine and play however you like.

WolVol Transformers Robot lights and sounds Police car

WolVol Robot Police Car Toy
Experience the amazing WolVol Transformers Robot Police 2in1 toy car. Unlike other police cars, this police car is a robot that obeys the law. The car is designed with a “bump and go” action, and if you hit something, it will change direction and run! Quite cool.

Little Tikes’ cozy Coupe Tikes joins the police patrol

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Tikes Patrol
Discover the fantastic version of this iconic car, the Little Tikes Coupé. This version has been completely updated to serve and protect your child. It has all the same features as the Cozy Coupé and everyone knows and loves it. It was designed to look like a police car! Noteworthy.

Kidi Race RC remote controlled police car for kids

KidiRace Remote Control Police Car

This rechargeable remote controlled police car allows your child to recharge their imagination. With cool police branding, this child-friendly RC car is easy to use and provides hours of fun. Turn on the lights and sirens!

Ford style riding a police car in a remote control car

12V Electric Police Ride-On

Driving this police car is definitely worth a detour. Good-looking, the toy car can be manually driven by your child, or you have the option to control it yourself from a distance! Equipped with seat belts, sirens, lights and auxiliary cables to listen to music in rhythm.

Kid Galaxy Squeeze Bull Pullback Police Car

Galaxy Squeezable Pull Back Police Car

With the ability to move up to 30 feet, this collapsible retractable police car is perfect for any children’s toy collection. Ergonomically designed, this car is comfortable with small hands and easy to handle without fear of accidents.

12V Kids Cool Police Car Charger


If you are intrigued by the cool sound effects, chrome wheels and doors that open, you are a pleasure. This fun police car from Kid Tracks has all these features and more. Kids can immerse themselves in their imaginations and drive their car on the action scene.

Prextex Remote Control Monster Police Truck

Prextex Remote Control Monster Police Truck
Prextex Remote Control Monster Police Truck

Take on any crook on any terrain with this RC car. This cool police toy is shock resistant and features tires and suspension to transport it across all types of terrain! With working headlights, you can drive a police car up to 30 feet away in search of peace.

Remote control sports police car with front light

Remote control sports police car

Take a look around your room with this toy police car! This RC car has a stunning design and is built to run fast! The car has all the features of forward, reverse and all directions, so drive with the remote control and go in the direction you want! The door opens even from a distance.

Clutch police car with lights and sirens

Liberty Imports Friction Powered Police Car

With four audio buttons, you can use the siren, horn and engine start. There is also the opposite sound effect! This cool toy police car is friction-powered, so you can launch any crime at full speed. The perfect addition to your collection.

Prextex remote controlled police car

Prextex RC Police Car
Buy this RC police car from Prextex, manage your own police car and get ready to save the world. The range of this collision avoidance vehicle is over 60 feet, which makes the fun even more profound. Great design, the car also includes lights and sirens!

Policeman Police Car and Bicom Jeep

Policeman police car and Bicom Jeep
Get off the road and chase crime wherever you go with this cool Jeep Bicom police car. This toy car has a cop that fits into the car so you can be ready for action at any time. With realistic appearance, you can enjoy wonderful sound effects!

Kid Galaxy My first remote controlled police car

remote controlled police car
Give your kids their first remote control car with this RC police car. A great toy, this car comes from Kid Galaxy, a leading supplier of remote controlled vehicles. The remote control on the handle is easy for children to use and the ergonomic design is perfect for small hands.

2006 Ford Mustang GT Diecast Police Car

2006 Ford Mustang GT Diecast Police Car
Add to the 2006 Mustang GT Police Car Model Collection. With an authentic design, this car contains many authentic details. Run to the crime scene, expose yourself or both!

Kinsmart Police Dodge Ram Van

Kinsmart Police Dodge Ram Van
Officially licensed, you can now own your own Dodge Ram police car. The toys are very detailed and the doors and tailgate are open! Stand back and watch Dodge fly past the crooks in great pull-and-go action.

Police RC sports car with working headlights

Police RC sports car
Answer 911 calls elegantly and quickly with this cool RC police car! This toy car has many interesting features such as headlights and police lights. Control your police car and take part in the action with all the lights flashing.

Miwa police motorcycle

Miwa police motorcycle
Riding this police tricycle is a great way to keep your kids playing and entertaining for hours! Lil’Rider developed this vehicle with a police car with cool sound effects, cool decals and even flickering headlights! Plug it in, charge it and play!

1957 Bel Air police car with pickup action

1957 Bel Air police car
Take part in the recoil action and glide through time in this 1957 Bel Air police car. A great addition to the diecast model collection, this car has open doors and a locking mechanism. Move back and forth to make it even more fun.

Lego City Police High Speed ​​Tracking Construction Toy

Police High Speed ​​Tracking Construction Toy
A set of high-speed chase toys will be released from LEGO City. Create and play with your own police car, staff and even a scammer! Send a helicopter overhead, drive to control the situation and stop the criminals. Free your imagination!

State racing and rescue police toy car

State racing and rescue police toy car
Equipped with electric propulsion technology, this police car is perfect for young people who want to be police officers. With lots of sound effects, kids can play cops and robbers as they want. This high quality toy car is the perfect addition to any toy set.

Little Tikes Touch n’Go Racer Police Car

Little Tikes Touch n'Go Racer Police Car
Say hello to the Little Tikes Touch and Go Racer police car. With the full power of touch, you can control the moving speed and distance of the car and create various sound effects just by touching the car. Designed for the little ones, police cars are safe and fun to use.

Toy State Rush Andres Cue Police SUV K9

Toy State Rush Andres Cue Police SUV K9
Bring your dog with the K9 unit. This cool toy SUV will help you solve crimes and keep the peace! This electric SUV can go on and even share sound effects, music and phrases. Great for any petty criminal to give them hours of fun.

Fisher Price Little People police motorcycle vehicle

Price Little People police motorcycle vehicle
For the little people in your life, here’s the Fisher-Price Little People Police Bike. This cool toy set for kids gives your child the opportunity to play a policeman! Little ones can ride a bike to see the mermaids and even change color with a touch.

Playmobil police cruiser

Playmobil police cruiser
Keep law and order with the police cruiser Playmobil. This classic looking police car has headlights so other toys don’t get in the way in an emergency! With the included accessories, you, your car and the included police officer are all perfectly equipped.

Diecast Lamborghini Murcielago Police

Lamborghini Murcielago Police
Pick those ugly street racers in your Lamborghini. This officially licensed Murcielago means you can reach any incident from the station in the shortest possible time. Open the door for a better view or go back and watch the car drive away.

Prextex RC police car with lights and sirens

Prextex RC police car with lights
Presentation of the Prextex RC police car. The cruiser is equipped with police lights and sirens, so you can start your action in style! You can point your car at a crime from a distance, up to a radius of 60 feet. The perfect gift idea.

Justice Team Police RC Police Car

Justice Team Police RC Police Car
Welcome to the first day at the Judicial Police. You received your personal police car today. Your car is equipped with everything the criminal justice department needs, including flashing lights and sirens, light wheels and RC controllers for police trouble. I wish you the best!

Best brands of the best Toy Police Cars for kids

1. Vokodo

Vokodo is well known for its unique military toy design. Its wheels are driven by friction, so you have to give it some strength and it can go on on its own.


GILOBABY Take Apart Police Car
Well known as a technology-based company, Gilobaby is one of the best ways for children to learn STEM at an early age. Throughout the building process, children are encouraged and encouraged to learn STEM.

3. KidiRace

KidiRace Remote Control Police Car Toy
“Kiddy Race offers a variety of radio controlled toys that your children will love! Innovation, quality and ease of use are our goals.” The ride and the fun of the children never end. “Kiddy Race brings a simple, safe and fun RC toy to young enthusiasts. Therefore, this system ensures that children can play with it however they want and as often as possible.” ”

4. Liberty Imports 

Liberty Imports Friction Powered Police Car
“Liberty Imports, founded in 2011, is a brand and in-house retailer specializing in high quality products specializing in toys and games for all ages.”

5. FigRol

FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot
“FIGROL is an online store of spinners, the latest children’s toys and the most popular office gadgets of 2017. To reduce ADHD by eliminating bad habits such as nail biting and nose pinching. Helpful.”


2006 Ford Mustang GT Diecast Police Car
KiNSMART is not only impressive in the design of all the toys it creates, it is also famous for the high quality of its products. The Ford Mustang stays at the top of toy police cars when it comes to design and appeal.

7. Prextex

Prextex RC Police Car
“Giving gifts is a joy too. We want Prextex to be part of that joy. Giving gifts is a fun opportunity, but sometimes the process of opening a shop is not very good. So I also enjoy visiting the shop. How are you doing? intend to achieve these goals? ”

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How to choose a toy police car?

Recommended Commitment Level for the Age

The best toy police cars will be intriguing for your child. Children may prefer something less irritating, like a push-pull wooden police car. Older children may be interested in lights and sirens that remind us of a real police car.

Police toys are also fun when part of the set. The playset may include other emergency vehicles, as well as transceivers and handcuffs. The set also encourages your child to play with others (parents, siblings or friends, etc.).

Another thing to consider is a police car for the little ones. These encourage your child to stay physically active and he will have a great time rolling around and pretending to be real cops.

Age Appropriate

The manufacturer is responsible for recommending a particular age based on the safety of the item. The biggest concern is that small debris can break apart and pose a choking hazard to young children.

Toys designed for toddlers are generally durable because they can throw or damage toys while they are still learning to interact with the world around them.


Your baby can break many toys in life, but you want the toys you buy to stand up to violent play. We went through customer reviews and tried some toys ourselves to test their durability and overall quality.

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Toy Police Car FAQs

Should I Buy a Small Police car for my child with Headlights and Sirens?

Bright, loud toys are generally very attractive to children. They like the way lights and sirens remind us of a real police car. One of the things to consider about these toys is usually the use of batteries. If your child is upset when the batteries run out, buy one with a replaceable battery.

In particular, mermaids can occur repeatedly, so you should also consider your tolerance for large toys.

Does the Accuracy of the Police Car Matter?

If your child is an avid police car enthusiast, he will appreciate the detailed police car. To arouse this kind of curiosity, some companies create scale models.

Babies and toddlers may not understand details very well, but having bright, attractive colors and excellent detail will keep you interested in toys. However, children don’t appreciate accuracy as much as older children.

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Buy one of these policeman toys for kids today and you will see that you are fascinated by all the unique features of the toy car. The view will fascinate you and your children will receive new interesting items. We also strongly recommend that you only buy such toys if your child is 4 or older.