Prepare your Baby at Home Safe

Until your new little one is about to play around. You don’t have to worry too much about keeping your baby at home safe. Because babies tend to stay in one place. Your time and energy are better spent putting the essentials in place.

Despite the temptation to buy all sorts of cute gadgets, diapers, feeding equipment, baby clothes, blankets and a Moses crib or basket are the only things you can’t do without. Get the baby’s room sorted early and repaint as needed so you know it’s all done.
Prepare your Baby at Home Safe

Cook in Batches and Freeze

Make friends with your freezer during your third trimester especially by stocking up on a variety of delicious homemade foods while you get the chance. Choose things that are nutritious and filling but can be easily reheated. Such as stews, lasagna, casseroles and shepherd’s pie. You will be glad you did!

Get a Car Seat

Think carefully about how you plan to get home safe from the hospital once you have your baby. Whether you own a car, plan to take a taxi, or a friend has offered you a ride. Most hospitals will not discharge your child unless a car seat is fitted. So make sure you’ve arranged one in advance that both you and your partner know how to fit in.

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Get Some Diapers

While you are pregnant. Keep in mind that you don’t actually know yet how big your baby will be at birth. Make sure you have a pack of baby diapers on hand, but don’t overdo it in case your newcomer is exceptionally small or particularly large!

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Choose Clothes and Toys

The same goes for baby clothes as well as diapers. You may want to wait until your baby is born to remove the labels on the baby’s material in case they don’t fit! Also, friends and family are likely to ask you if there are things you want or need, and sometimes it’s hard to think in your head. So why not make a baby gift list on Love To Baby. Just like a wedding list. You sign up for free and create a list of things you want from any store. Once done, you can share your list with loved ones via email or social media. Perfect!

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Get Ready to Crawl

Okay, so your baby may not be moving yet, but from around six months on up, you’ll need eyes in the back of your head!

To help keep your baby at home safe. Make sure heavy furniture is fixed to wall. So it doesn’t accidentally land on your little one. Also cover electrical outlets and place safety latches on cabinets that contain hazardous items such as cleaning fluid, bleach or medications. Remove the magnets from the fridge and check that you don’t have any hanging window curtain cords as well.

Having a new baby is exciting but also daunting. But with a little home prep beforehand, you know that once the bump is here you can relax and enjoy.

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