Names for Black Girls

Looking popular names for black girls? Here are some of the most popular names for black girls along with their meanings and other interesting information.

Embarking upon the daunting journey of christening your newborn is a task of paramount significance. It indeed is a voyage imbued with delight, yet it often unfurls an intricate tapestry of trepidation. You see, the nomenclature you bestow upon your progeny is not merely a trifling matter. It stands as one of the most consequential choices you, as a fledgling parent, shall ever make. Within the intricate mosaic of America, amidst the rich tapestry of racial identities. We encounter the designation of “black,” an ethnicity resplendent with diversity, culture, and history.

Within this kaleidoscope of identity, many an earnest parent seeks to immortalize their offspring with appellations that reverberate with the echoes of black femininity’s powerful legacy. Enter the namesake of Maya Angelou, an illustrious American wordsmith and tireless crusader for civil rights. Others opt to enshroud their beloved daughters in the monikers of luminous black “A-list” luminaries such as Zendaya, Aaliyah, Beyonce, Rihanna, Queen Latifah, and Gabrielle Union. Amongst the veritable cornucopia of nomenclatural possibilities. You are invited to peruse a meticulously curated collection of over 200 names for black girls. Each one poised to encapsulate the essence of your cherished offspring.

List of some Names for Black Girls:

This list of names includes the 100+ most popular names for black girls, including African naming your baby and those from cultures or different languages.

Popular African American Names for Baby Girls

Choosing black girl names for your princess is difficult. Here you can see the most popular names for girls from Texas, Virginia, Colorado, Arkansas and New York.

A – B

Abeba – Ethiopian “flower”
Alaska – Aleut “great land”
Alessia – Italian “defending warrior”
Alexis – Greek “helper”
Alexus – Greek name  “defender”
Alheri – “grace”
Aliyah – alternative name  for Aaliyah – Arabic “high” and “exalted”
Alyssa – Flower, also means “rational”
Amahle – Zulu “the beautiful or gracious one”
Amazon – Race of female warriors
Angel – Messenger in Greek
Aniyah – Hebrew “God favours”
Anuli – “daughter that brings happiness”
Artemis – “butcher”
Asia – means lively and of the bright sun
Brianna – “strong” and “honorable” in Ireland
Bristol – English “meeting place by a bridge”
Buhle – Ndebele “beautiful or gracious”

C – H

Calixta – “most beautiful”
Chiamazk – Lgbo “God is beautiful or gracious”
Chiondi – Lgbo “good fortune”
Chloe – Greek “blooming” or “fertility”
Deja – French name “already” or “remembrance”
Destiny – Latin “fate”
Devyn – English “bard” or “poet”
Diamond – marketing people want us to believe it’s forever

E – J

Ebony – Egyptian “deep black wood”
Elektra – “shining”
Emersyn – Old English “princess of Emery”
Eulalia – Greek “well-spoken”
Fallon – “king’s granddaughter” in Ireland
Gabrielle – French “God is my strength”
Gemma – Latin “gemstone”
Hailey – Scottish “Hay’s meadow”
Hannah – Hebrew “favour” or “grace”
Imani – Arabic name meaning “belief” or “faith”
Isis – Egyptian “throne”
Jada- Arabic name meaning a good and beautiful queen
Jasmin/Jazmin/Jazmine – Alternative name for “Jasmine” meaning Persian “gift from God”
Jayla – Hebrew “God will protect”
Jordan – Greek “to go down”
Jupiter – Latin “supreme God”, also a planet

M – N

Kayla – “slim and fair”in Ireland
Kennedy – “head” in Ireland
Kiara – Irish name meaning “Ciara” which means dark or black
Konjit – Amharic “beautiful or gracious”
Laila – Hebrew “night” or “dark”
Lennox – Scottish “elm grove”
Liliana – English “lily”
Lux – Latin “bright light”
Lyra – Greek “lyre”
Madison – English “son of Matthew”
Makayla – Hebrew “who resembles God”
Maxine – Latin “greatest”
Mbalenhle – “beautiful flower”
Medusa – “cunning”
Mia – Egyptian “beloved”
Minenhle – Zulu “beautiful day”
Moana – Polynesian “deep ocean or sea”
Monifa – Arabic “exalted one”
Monique – French “advisor”
Nevaeh – Heaven spelled backwards
Nia – Gaelic “goal” or “purpose”
Nora – Anglo-Norman “honor”
Nova – Latin “new”

P – Z

Pandora – “precious stone” – a diamond brand
Precious – makes me think of the Lord of the Rings
Raven – makes me think of the Game of Thrones
Rouge – French “red-colored”
Sadie – Hebrew “princess”
Shanice – name meaning God is merciful
Sirena – “enchanter”
Skye – Norse “cloud”
Sydney – English “wide meadow”
Taylor – English “taylor”
Thando – “love”
Thema – Ghanan “queen”
Tiana – Russian “princess”
Tiara – Latin name meaning  “headdress”
Tierra – Spanish name meaning “Earth”
Trinity – English “The Holy Trinity”
Valentina – Roman “healthy” and “strong”
Willow – English “freedom”
Yewubdar – Ethiopian “beautiful beyond borders”
Zuri – Swahili “beautiful or gracious”

Some Classic Black Girl Names

List of African American girl names from the top 1000 American names.

Ambrose – Greek “immortal”
Athena – Greek “from Athens”
Cassandra – Greek “one that shines above men”
Catalina – Spanish “pure”
Cela – Welsh “heavenly”
Charity – English “giving” and “kindness”
Daphne – Greek “laurel tree”
Desdemona – Greek “wretchedness”
Dinah – Hebrew “judged” or “vindicated”
Dolly – English “gift from God”
Dorina – Latin “precious”
Flavia – Roman “golden”
Giuliana- Italian “youthful”
Jemima – Hebrew “dove”
Keziah – Hebrew “female equality”
Lucinda – Latin “light”
Mariama – African “gift of God”
Minerva – Latin “mind”
Sable – Slavic “black”
Serenity – English “calmness”
Tamar – Hebrew “date palm”

Some Famous Black Girl Names

Ada Lovelace – an accomplished mathematician and writer
Althea Gibson – 1st Black American female in Wimbeldon
Aretha Franklin – 1st Black American woman in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Condoleezza Rice – former US Secretary of State
Ella Fitzgerald – 1st Black American lady to win a Grammy
Halle Berry – one of the most famous Black American actresses
Indira Gandhi – India’s first female prime minister
Mae Jemison – 1st Black American and female astronaut
Misty Copeland – 1st Black American principal ballerina
Nadia Murad – 1st Iraqi to earn a Nobel Prize
Oprah Winfrey – one of the most influential Black American figures
Rosa Parks – a famous figure in the Civil Rights Movement, who stood up for injustice on a bus
Serena Williams – leading female tennis player in the world
Sherly Swoops – 1st WNBA player
Venus Williams – leading female tennis player in history

Black Girl Names Of Plants And Flowers

Many of these names would be perfect for black girls.

Abelia – Flower, also means “breathe”
Acacia – Greek “thorny”
Amaryllis – Lily-like flower
Ambretta – A French dessert pear
Arbor – Cluster of vines
Azalea – A colorful flowering shrub
Begonia – French meaning “Begon’s flower”
Bellerose – French “lovely rose”
Blossom – A mass of flowers
Briar – English “thorny patch”
Bryony – Latin “to sprout”
Buttercup – A species of bright yellow wild flowers
Calla – Greek “beautiful”
Camellia – Flower, also Latin “priest’s helper”
Canna – From Cannalily
Chamomile – Flowery herb used in teas
Chrystanthe – “golden flower”
Clematis – A climbing plant from the buttercup family
Crisanta – Spanish “a golden flower”
Dahlia – Swedish “valley”
Daisy – A yellow and white flower native to Europe
Danica – Slavic “morning star”
Delphine – French for a bluebell-like flower
Diantha – Greek “divine flower”
Edelweiss – Small white German flower
Embelia – Greek “A shrub that bears white and flowers”
Erica – Norse for a pink flower, also “eternal ruler”
Fleur – French “flower”
Florentina – Latin meaning “blooming”
Freesia – German trumpet-like flowers
Garland – French “a wreath of flowers worn on the head”
Geranium – Greek meaning “crane”
Heliotrope – Cluster of purple flowers
Hibiscus – Greek “a beautiful red flower”
Ione – Violet-colored stone
Iris – Greek “rainbow”
Ivy – Latin “vine”
Ixora – A flowering plant found in tropical climates
Jessamine – Persian “jasmine flower”
Kalina – Polish “viburnum”, a flowering shrub
Kassiani – Greek “cinnamon”
Leilani – Hawaiian “a pink flower”, also “royal child of heaven”
Liana – Fresh “climbing like a vine”
Linnea – Swedish “twinflower”
Lita “garden”
Magnolia – Latin “Magnol’s flower”
Manuka – Tree with honey-producing flowers
Mawar – Indonesian “rose”
Muguet – French “lily”
Nanala – Hawaiian “sunflower”
Neeja – Hindi “lily”
Ornella – Italian meaning “flowering ash tree”
Patchouli – Fragrant plant from Southeast Asia
Peony – Latin meaning “healing”
Petunia – Trumpet shaped flower
Prunella – Latin “small plum”
Rada – Yiddish “rose” or “happy”
Rayen – Chilean “flower”
Saffron – Exoticspice
Sharon – Area in ancient Palestine known for its roses
Shoshana – Hebrew “lily”
Tansy – Greek “immortality”
Varda – Hebrew “rose” or “pink”
Verbana – Spanish “sacred foliage”
Winika – Maori “Christmas orchid”
Yasmine – Pesian “Jasmine flower”
 Zahara – Swahili meaning “flowering”
Zaria – Arabic “rose”
Zenobia – Bell-shaped white flowers from North America
Zinnia – Latin “Zinn’s flower”

Final thoughts

Embarking upon the voyage to christen your black girl is a journey fraught with complexity and meaning. It is an expedition through the labyrinthine corridors of identity, where a name, seemingly innocuous, possesses the potential to mold the course of your daughter’s life. It wields the power to shape perceptions and futures, to influence destinies. Thus, as you stand at the precipice of this formidable decision, let this compendium serve as your guiding star.

Find resonance in a name, share it with your intimate circle of confidantes, and unearth the wisdom that resides within collective perspectives. In the name of the name, you forge a legacy, and in that name, your black daughter‘s journey begins.

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