Best Toys for Babies 0-3 MonthsToys for Babies 0-3 Months

Most of you who bumped up here have a first experience. To make your struggle a bit easier we came up with some tips and tricks. Being a mother of two-three months old baby has always been challenging the reason is “no previous experience”. You’re coping with everything as a newbie. Feeding, sleeping and boredom are the major concerns. While dressing and decorating are secondary ones.

In such a tough routine, toys can be your escape plan. Let me tell you how! Babies can not sit lonely. When you left them alone they will cry cry and cry. But best toys for babies 0-3 month can be the solution. The more interesting and innovative the toys will be the more it will be easier for you to manage.


There are multiple types of best toys for babies 0-3 months. So playful strollers, fancy blankets, teddy bears, bathing stuff, puppets and many more. Now the choice is yours.

Baby stroller

Firstly, you must need a baby stroller not as a toy for 0-3-month baby but as essential thing. You move daily with your toddler from place to place. You little also need care and some relaxing outdoor moments.

Believe me a stroller can make you and your baby’s life heaven. You can carry almost every kind of baby stuff with you while shopping camping or even while gossiping at friends’ home.

Coming to the focal point best toys for infants0-3 months. There are tons of tons but you have to select them from as per your needs and taste definitely

Toys for 0-3 month baby boy and girl

As such there is not a huge difference between baby boy or girl toys. But while selecting colours one must be attentive. For girls you can also consider dolls and barbie kind of things. Similarly, for boys you can get tomboy cartoon miniatures.

Activities to do with a newborn baby

Most of the people don’t know what to do with a little baby specially the guys. Literally the 0-3-month baby can be happy if you read a book of your own interest near him/her. You can give the baby a very cozy massage or even can bath him. There are multiple things you can do but you must certain skills before direct hands on experience.

Top 3 Newborn Toys for Babies 0-3 Months

1. Kick ‘n Play Piano-Fisher Price

Humans loves music so why not the babies. To make life easier fisher price comes with a combo a washable playing mat. This mat is comfortable enough that infants can sleep on it. I’s not the only thing there are a lot of things comes with it like hanging printed mirrors, musical piano keys and safety bars on sides.

Kick 'n Play Piano Gym
Kick-n Play Piano-Fisher


  • The mat has a polyester fabric with monkeys and elephant photos,
  • Perfect for learning.
  • 5-in-1 toys PlayStation for infants 03 months.
  • 3 different stages of learnings depending upon your toddler’s growth.
  • Side guards are also available for the safety of your baby.
  • It comes in amazon premium packaging.
  • 3X AA Batteries are enough to make it fully functional.

2. Blige SMTF Baby Socks Wrist Toys

Scientific studies improvise every field of life. When every people from every age group enjoying the fruits of scientific discoveries how can we left babies behind. These Beige baby socks for foots and wrist is perfect babies. The reason is that they provide comfort and toys both in one thing.

Blige SMTF Baby Socks Wrist Toys

Its perfect solution for an infant’s boredom. A pair of wrist bands and a pair of socks are included in the package. No need of zippers or clamping’s they re just fit as per toddlers’ feet and wrists.


  • It’s a unitsex, one size product so any 0-3month infant can wear them.
  • Four different animals and miniatures toys on it, to make your baby busy.
  • Multicolor, so can go with any wear.
  • Extremely soft and fine polyester fabric.
  • Its accurate dimensions are 2 x 2 x 0.7 inches.

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3. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Mother is a heavenly creature. Every mother wants his children’s lives in most comfortable atmosphere. When it comes to toys for babies 0-3 months, one must consider safety first. The best toys are the ones which makes a toddler busy and learning in some ways.

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price is the most renowned brands in manufacturing baby care products. This floor seat is remarkable for any baby. You just need to fit your baby in it and you can perform your adjacent routine tasks.


  • It has two toys on the side bar makes your toddler busy.
  • Backside support to avoid falling backwards
  • Honeycomb printed fabric looks amazing.
  • The quality of polyester is very fine and is also washable.
  • BPA-Free plastic is used while its making.
  • Foldable so can be placed anywhere.
  • Its dimensions are 8” x 10” x 12” inches.


When it comes to safety, we don’t consider toys much but though they’re important. Because your baby spends most of the time with these toys.

One should suspect a few things personally before buying like,

  • Safety bars
  • BPA-Free plastic quality
  • Comfortable Fabric
  • No edgy areas

A mother who don’t have much experience of motherhood always needs some help. Toys for 0-3-month babies are very helpful in such cases. Because they make the infants busy while mama is doing routine tasks. Here to make your choice a bit easier we gave three choices. Every toy is unique in its own way. No matter you have a baby girl or baby boy toys will be the same with some minor changes. So, Grab the best one from them which suits you the most. Good luck!

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