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Do you like ‘The Office’ Gifts? Of course it is! This is probably the best TV series that has ever existed that’s also why our choice of office gifts is a great choice for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a simple the office product or want to shop for Christmas gifts from the office, we’ve got a huge selection here.

the office gifts
‘The office’ Gifts Ideas

Become the best boss (or friend) in the world with the office gift guide for super fans. Grab a Meredith cup, Jim Pam’s cute T-shirt, or a game that the entire party planning committee can play at the party. You have to get the dandy “Most likely to distract from the office to the office” award.

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Office Gift Ideas For Her

Office gift ideas for her cater to your colleagues’ unique strengths and tastes. They may be a little feminine, but they’re not a cliché. These items make every woman feel pampered and grateful.

1. Office Figures Set

The Office Figure Set
Don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia with the Dander Mifflin Small Figure Set. Take Shenanigan to your office with Michael, Pam, Jim and Dwight. They come in the form of iconic toys and thrill those who know the show and future Dander Miffrinites who love to play.
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2. Warm Coffee Cups

Warm Coffee Cups
A cup warmer to keep hot drinks warm. Yes, more liquid at room temperature. Is it lukewarm? I’ve never heard of it. They can put a cup on a nice hot saucer. This way, you can drink comfortably and safely while working undisturbed.
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3. Detach the Weekly Scheduling System

Detach the weekly scheduling system
Weekly agenda. You can keep track of your to-do list, fluid intake, and healthy habits. It’s nice to have enough space for every single task of the day. The number of waters, the appreciation section and the food section are great additions and will set you on track for your day. The important section of the program is also perfect if you have to list your appointments, exercise time or take medications.
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4. A day at Dander Mifflin Elementary School

A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary
At this rate, the little Jim and Pam in your life are becoming office fans as well as you. Start young with this picture book that teaches the inside and outside of 9-5 cultures: Dander Mifflin’s Way.
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5. Green Ceramic Teapot

Seafoam Green Classic 6 Cup Ceramic Teapot
Gift a show-like ceramic teapot and show how much you love Jim to your Pam (or Pam to your gym). But unlike Jim, paste the love note inside and don’t cross it out until you provide it.
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Office Gift Ideas For Him

The idea of ​​an office gift for him is for an elegant, stout and talented man in your office. Soft, minimalist and practical, these gifts are perfect for any professional.

1. Travel mug with vacuum insulation

Travel mug with vacuum insulation
A vacuum insulated travel mug large enough to hold the amount of coffee you need in the morning (with an airtight lid). The vintage aesthetic is just a bonus! . I refill it every morning around 6:30, but it is still hot even though there is some coffee left at lunchtime. It fits perfectly in the car cup holder and was very cute and complimented.
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2. Book – The Office

Book - The Office
In this book, the biggest fans can see behind the scenes of the series they love so much, as told by their creators, actors and writers.
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3. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company T-Shirt

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company T-Shirt
On days when you want to pretend, you can wear a three-color blue shirt and relax at your desk in Michael Scott style. Their colleagues will appreciate it.
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4. Michael Scott Motivational Quotes Poster

Michael Scott Motivational Quotes Poster
Assemble this 11 “x 14” print and inspire daily from Michael Scott himself or Wayne Gretzky. But who is next?
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5. The Office Dunder Mifflin Sweater

The Office Dunder Mifflin Sweater
Need to wrap up for a chic Christmas before Dwight hits you with snowballs? I don’t say anything else! This blue and white sweater keeps you warm during the emotional ups and downs of an office party. In addition, the logo is proudly displayed on the chest, increasing Dander Mifflin’s fame.
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Office Gifts For Coworkers

Office gifts for coworkers include items that are all-purpose without being generic. Nearly any person would love getting these items for any occasion. They’re safe and versatile but never boring.

1. Monitor memo board

A monitor memo board to keep track of all their sticky notes. It can even hold their phone, so they won’t miss any important text messages. I’ve got all my important reminders on it, which has been super helpful and keeps me from missing any important deadlines. I’ve also been able to write on it with a dry erase marker, and then wipe it off with a tissue.
Monitor memo board
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2. Mike’s Hot Honey

Mike’s Hot Honey
A bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey (or 12 packets) for the person who TRIES so hard at whipping up homemade lunch for $’s sake but always has puppy dog eyes staring at your food when you eat together.
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3. The Office: The Complete Series (DVD)

The Office - The Complete Series
For when you need to watch The Office now. Like right now. Which means you need the complete DVD series. Gather ’round the watercooler again and again with Michael’s antics, Dwight’s alpha-male(ness), and Kevin’s famous chili. Blooper reels and webisodes included so you don’t have to get the guys from YouTube to come over and film it.
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4. The Office Dunder Mifflin Construction Set

Relive your own mini-version of The Office with this 330-piece buildable set. This collection is accurate to the show’s depiction and has an exact (albeit tiny) re-creation of Pam’s watercolor painting. Jim, Dwight, and Michael collectable mini figurines are included, and you can make them plank all over the place as you see fit.
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5. The Office Iconic Moments Blanket

Imagine all your favorite moments from the greatest show captured onto a warm, cozy blanket. This sherpa-lined throw is great for curling up and watching The Office or for a conversation piece at an unconventional dinner party. Beets, jello staplers, (one of) Angela’s cats, and Pretzel Day are just some of the fun finds dotting this blanket.
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Fun Office Gifts

A fun little gift for colleagues, bosses and employees. Show them your love, resentment, and anxiety for these passive aggressive discoveries. Maybe your boss and your co-workers need a little laugh on vacation? Give them all the fun socks or chewing gum. Maybe instant underwear ?

1. Office cardboard cutting

There is no better way to track your friends than by using the Dwight Cardboard Cutout. Known to love others thanks to his survival skills, this ingenious life-sized Schlute is expected to shock helpless victims who roam his territory. Dwight’s disappointed face can welcome guests for some fun photo shoots at your next garden party.
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2. Famous city socks from Chile to Kevin (many)

Kevin Malone and his famous pepper shouldn’t be fooled by these flashy socks. Grab a pair or two for your fun, Office fashionista fan, or grab a pair yourself. They have some laughable options like Prison Mike, Date Night Mike, and the ever-creepy Hello Claris Dwight.
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3. Interesting office coffee mug

Have an interesting conversation in the break room, drinking from a less subtle nod to Michael’s inappropriate and often inappropriate (but nonetheless hilarious) jokes. This mug keeps your coffee warm and keeps your office reputation warmer. A great way to add laughter to your 9-5 life.
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4. Prison Mike sequin cushion cover

At first, it looks like an ordinary glitter pillow, until the helping hand reveals the ugly prison mug Mike. You will remember him as the man who tried to “scare you”.
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Home Office Gifts

We interviewed the best online retailers to find the best gifts for those who work from home: what brightens up the office space, cool gadgets that make life easier, or just them. Whether you’re looking for something that makes you smile, items add style and function to any workspace – these are the home office staples they’ll love.

1. Office wall decoration

This colorful canvas is a wonderful reminder to always do your best as Michael Scott. The “Miss 100% Untaken Photos” canvas adds a touch of entertainment to your interior design. The easy-to-hang pieces come in three sizes to make guests smile as they try to figure out who really said it.
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2. Schlute Farms hoodie

Nothing beats the rhythm of Dwight! Credit to Schlute Farm, an agrotourism attraction in the heart of Dwight’s home. Unisex Parker pays homage to rooms where you can learn how to make beet wine, trampoline tours, and table-making lessons. Hello!
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3. Dander Mifflin Paper Company Pants

These comfortable Dander Mifflin business trousers are perfect for today’s home work environment. Or if you want to watch Office episodes more comfortably. From sizes XS to 3XL, they fit anyone in your life or on your sofa. Great equalizer – Ideal to accompany a pizza!
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4. Dundee Award Trophy

Raise your spirits at home or in the office with this golden dandy trophy. Treat professionally dressed businessmen to those who deserve it, like those who “don’t come after me” or who always wear the whitest sneakers. No matter who wins, it will be love first … look in my ears.
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5. Schrute Farms Mug

Grab this coffee mug and show your support for Dwight’s side business as a bed and breakfast owner. Don’t worry, the heartbeat wasn’t damaged in the process.
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Personalized Office Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for personalized the office gift can be difficult. I want to help you. Whether you’re giving a gift to celebrate a friend’s new job, renovating an office space, or looking for a colleague’s Christmas gift, the following unique gift ideas will help you. From Christmas stockings to special souvenirs, everyone loves these desk accessories. Ready to start finding the perfect gift? Check out the ideas below or upgrade to a personalized office gift.

1. Elementary school books

When Michael is looking to succeed as a leader at Dander Mifflin Elementary School, all eyes are on Michael. In this ridiculous spin-off from the children’s series, bright illustrations and fascinating stories capture a new group of fans. Adults appreciate the reminders and Easter eggs hidden within the page.
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2. Office greeting card

Every super office fan knows how important a birthday is. Instead of making a socially annoying Dwight gesture with the obvious “Today is your birthday” banner, make this a special day for the book. Give a simple but classic business card with a greeting from Michael. They will surely be afraid of everything this card means to them!
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3. Dwightism office t-shirt (many)

Personal information theft is no joke, but it’s certainly a joke to wear this shirt and impersonate Dwight. The Beat, Bears and Battlestar Galactica t-shirts are a must for paper-dealing friends who like to quote the iconic sitcom. It is also extremely comfortable and can be worn in all Survivorman competitions.
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4. Office UNO card game

Desktop-themed UNO card games add a twist to traditional games by adding your favorite characters to your mix. This game is perfect for all ages and requires a quick thinking strategy. So be aware of the “Kevin’s Famous Chili” rule, even if it’s not tested in Jim’s jokes.
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5. Michael Scott keyring

By adding this high quality Michael Scott keychain to your life, you always make them believe you are Beyonce. I’m hot, hot, hot, he said, because you can choose from six versions of Office, like midnight at the threat level. Note: Employees have never been hit by a car while admiring these keychains.
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Office gifts for employees

At any time, employee gifts boost morale. They are more than just physical tokens. It’s a way to express gratitude and make employees feel value.

6. Dander Miffrim Pull Desk

Need to wrap up for a chic Christmas before Dwight hits you with snowballs? I don’t say anything else! This blue and white sweater keeps you warm during the emotional ups and downs of an office party. Additionally, the logo is proudly displayed on the chest, increasing Dander Mifflin’s fame.
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7. Cap with cuff for office

The assistant regional director shines with this fiery Dander Mifflin Beanie. One size fits all cuffed slippers, keeps your ears warm and is a discreet way to show your team spirit for the best paper business. It’s also great for office workers and perhaps those who need to fly under the radar, like cult leader Creed.
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8. Office decoration

Decorate your hallways with Dander Mifflin in this eclectic collection. Add five sets to your tree: Michael, Bellsnickel, Scranton Brunch, Kevin and Michael, Dwight and Teapot to create a memorable vacation. You can also give them, as Michael mentions.
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9. This is what Easy Button said

A great gag gift if you want to disturb your wife or please your husband (or vice versa), the simple button she said does the trick. Keep the buttons handy when you hang out with your friends or create the game that can make the worst inopportune jokes. Whatever you decide, it must cause moans and laughter.
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10. Isolated office mug

If you have an office gym that always throws things in the cup, it’s time to move on to the cup. This desktop-themed Tervis has cover and insulation keeps your drink hot or cold for 8-24 hours. Covered in colorful and eye-catching show jargon, you can feel like a member of the Final Things club.
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Gifts for office desk

If you’re looking for office gift ideas for events like birthdays and Christmas, you’re sure to find one that suits men and women with a wide selection of personalized office gifts. With a wide selection of custom office accessories such as business card holders and leather desk sets, you can add style to your desk in any setting and create the right corporate gift. Impress with our high quality items and do your best!

1. Carillon in wood engraved for office

Did you know that John Krasinski created an office opening with just a camera? This music box captures the essence of the opening theme and features the Office logo engraved in natural oak, like Dwight. A nice souvenir to make Kelly jealous in the office.
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2. Wooden cushion

Memory foam seat cushions and lumbar cushions allow you to sit comfortably for hours.
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3. Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

A vacuum-insulated travel mug large enough to hold the amount of coffee you need in the morning (with an airtight lid). The vintage aesthetic is just a bonus!
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4. Wooden Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mobile Stand

Phone holder + speakerphone is perfect for watching YouTube videos during breaks with all ears. Attack us, they will love it! By the way, some reviewers say that if you have a PopSocket on the back of your phone, it can be a little difficult to keep it in one place in the holder.
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5. Foster Monitor Sticky Notes Holder

Monitor the board to keep track of all sticky notes. It can even hold the phone so they don’t miss important text messages. In the lower part of the holder there is a hole for inserting a telephone.
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Office Gifts For Christmas

If you’re looking for the best office Christmas gifts for your coworkers but are still confused, this guide will help you find something that will surprise and please even the loudest of your coworkers.

1. HUAWEI Band 3e Fitness Tracker

HUAWEI Band 3e is a versatile wellness tracker that monitors your heart rate, sleep patterns, fitness goals and exercise time. Users also keep all calls, emails and messages up to date via the touchscreen watch face.
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2. Eat a pack of types of coffee

Eat Your Coffee is a great way to satisfy your mid-afternoon hunger by consuming caffeine every day. Each peanut butter, coffee, oat and date bar is the equivalent of a cup of coffee.

It’s also gluten-free, kosher, and vegan, so it’s safe for most people in the office.
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3. Collapsible water bottle

If your regular refillable bottle is too big, the Nomadic collapsible bottle is for you.
This 25 oz. Silicone bottles are a great option for camping trips and can be rolled up and stored when empty, so there is no problem with leaking.

Nomader also grants a lifetime warranty, ensuring the collapsible water bottle lasts for life.
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4. Ugly office Christmas sweater

Angela isn’t the only one who can dream of Dwight’s Christmas. When you wear this ugly sweater, you won’t want to hide in a cube at your annual holiday party. The red and green festive sweaters are as high quality and soft as Dwight does!
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5. Dander Miffrim Pull Desk

Need to wrap up for a chic Christmas before Dwight hits you with snowballs? I don’t say anything else! This blue and white sweater keeps you warm during the emotional ups and downs of an office party. In addition, the logo is proudly displayed on the chest, increasing Dander Mifflin’s fame.
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6. Michael Scott construction kit

A buildable 52-piece set that gives you the freedom to use Michael Scott. You can dress him up as a Halloween boxer, celebrate Benihana’s Christmas or take him to a beach match. I think it’s pretty well organized.
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7. Office: UK Complete Series

If you put the entire American version together, it’s time to cross the pond from the original series, The Office. Created by Ricky Gervais, the UK version includes a full set of 12 episodes and a special Christmas double. From Tim Canterbury to Renaissance man David Brent, Warman Hogg’s beloved team is there.
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People Also FAQ About The Office Gifts

Q: What is the office gift?

A: Office gifts are special gifts that you can give to your colleagues on special occasions.

Q: What event should I send my office gift to?

A: For events you want to highlight and celebrate in style, you need to send a gift for the office. Employee integration, holidays and birthdays are all great parties for gifts. Find gift ideas for different people in this article.

Q: What are some great gift ideas for the office?

A: Some great office gift ideas include premium art prints, Timbuk2 backpacks, and bartender apron subscriptions. Find many other great office gift ideas here.

Q: What makes office gifts so special?

A: Personal care and consideration make office gifts special. If you carefully consider the recipient’s style, needs and lifestyle, as well as your gifting opportunity, you have everything you need to make a special gift. Find office gift ideas here.

Q: Is there an office gift subscription service?

A: Office gift subscription services are available. For example, Cratejoy offers giftbox subscriptions to almost any recipient with almost any interest you can imagine.

Q: Why do I need to send a gift for the office?

A: You need to send a gift to the office to thank your employees and friends, celebrate your anniversary, or welcome someone to your new home. Find office gift ideas for any occasion in this summary.

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