Race Car Track Toys

The best race car track toys have been proven to offer high educational value to children and fun too. These track racing cars are fun to play and keep your kids connected for extended periods of time.

Some cars are bigger and others are decent size. It will greatly help improve your child’s level of creativity. It is important to check the brand before buying a racing car track.

In my review, I will talk about the top brands here. We have listed 23 of the best racing cars that are not only colorful but also help improve your child’s technical and cognitive skills. Some racing cars are even designed with dinosaur figures to help create children’s stories.

In fact, some of these are great for helping your baby develop psychologically and socially. Let’s take a look at why play matters, what features to look for in track toys, and finally our top picks.

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What’s the Best Race Car Track Toys right now?

Which racecourses your child can choose is up to you, but we’ve chosen 23 racecourse sets to make your choice easier and provide you with ideas for your next gift.

Mission Garage Play Set with 4-Layer Matchbox

Mission garage play set with 4-layer matchbox
Kids love to put all their cars in the working elevator and explore all four levels! There’s a car wash, a repair stand and a spiral ramp to get off when you’re done!

Ontel Magic Tracks Amazing Track

Ontel Magic Tracks
Get a car racing track that bends, moves, bends and shines! There’s a reason magic trucks are invading the small car world. The LED cars and neon trucks are worth all the fun on the circuit! Just roll up the rails and store them!

Flexible Track Racing Set that Glows in the Dark

track racing set that glows in the dark
The ultimate flexible racing set is here! 144 trucks, suspension bridges, trees and LED-lit cars make setting up and racing fast and fun. Turn the corner, hit the ramp and run over and under the bridge! Flexible travel fun time!

Hot Wheels Versus Track Set

Hot Wheels Versus Race Car Track Toys
Run, crash and hit with this cool racing toy truck! Hot Wheels brings the ultimate in racing and fun with this super steep ramp! Capture all the actions and play them in slow motion to really enjoy the crash! Play with Hot Wheels cars!

AGM Slot Car Set with Race Assistant

AGM slot car set with race assistant
Classic racing slot cars get a high-tech upgrade on this awesome track! This slot car racing toy has all the speed and action you remembered from childhood and can be connected to your phone or tablet to actually speed up with live racing stats and commentary. .. real time!

Carrera First Disney / Pixar Car 3 Slot Car Set

Carrera First Disney-Pixar Race Car Track Toys
Bring home all your Pixar action with this awesome minicar racing track! A great truck to start with, this toy is fun and easy to drive and comes with Lightning McQueen and Daniko Cruz! Watch them run around the corner and head for the finish line!

MaxTraxxx Double Ring Remote Control Rail Set

MaxTraxxx Double Ring Remote Control Rail Set
Get ready to burn your truck with this cool miniature racing set! This remote control racing set features a cool LED car that not only appears to float, but also leaves a trail of light in the wake! All children, from beginners to advanced, can play together!

Mindscope LED Laser Torsion Track

Mindscope LED Laser Tracks
Get ready for the fun of an extreme 12-foot run! With this truck and car LED system, you can configure your truck in almost unlimited combinations. Turn off the night run lights and watch the toy car fly around the truck at lightning speed! Foldable and flexible racing fan!

Neon Lights that Glow in the Dark

Mindscope Twister Tracks
Twist, flex and bend to the racing star position with this cool racing toy truck! These folding trucks fit in almost endless combinations! Comes with a bright LED car that leaves a bright trail in the glow of a dark truck when zoomed in! Ideal for your first racing set!

Joysway Super 151 USB Power Slot Car

Joysway Super 151 USB Power Slot Car
Get ready for a great time at this awesome Indianapolis 151 USB inspired slot car circuit! This new and improved truck comes with two Joysway and a challenging circuit that feels real! Let the whole family go on an epic ride with this cool toy!

Stunt Boxes from the Hot Wheels Truck Builder

Stunt Box
If your family has wild runners, we have the perfect stunt set! The Hot Wheels stunt creator set inspires the fun of high octane racing that can be built in hours! This set contains everything a little pilot needs to build, test and crash in a great amount of time!

American Racers Scalextric Slot Car Race Track

Scalextric American Racers
Get ready with your branding and burn the gum with this fast paced miniature racing set! This slot car set comes with two cars and adjustable speed. Start a little slower for the youngsters and pick up the pace as they learn for the toughest races! A tachometer for more competition!

Max Traxxx Infinity Loop Remote Control Track Kit

Max Traxxx Remote Control Track Kit
Start racing with this cool track toy from Max Traxxx! This award-winning set includes two action lanes and a glow-in-the-dark track measuring over 46 feet. Received the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award for Best Platinum Seal Toy and the Best Toy Award from Creative Child Magazine.

KidKraft Disney Cars Radiator Springs Racecourse

Disney Cars Radiator Springs Racecourse
Deliver radiator springs directly to little drivers with the latest car-inspired racing toy! Your kids will love having the whole city close at hand and you will love the handy table and the abundance of storage that comes with it! Enjoy hours of racing in one place!

MMP Living Super Snap Speedway

MMP Living Super Snap Speedway
A foldable racing toy with everything you need to create endless fun! This truck includes cars, tunnels, elevators, and gas pumps. Set your flexible track the way you want to run all day! Compatible with other folding truck systems, this is a great way to start or grow your racing team.

LOYO Car Toy Lamp for Children

LOYO car toy lamp for children
This pretty and essential slanted lamp is popular with the little ones and the little ones. An easy way to develop hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and basic problem-solving skills, this winding, sloping path offers loads of focused fun.

Vimzone Dinosaur World Road Race Track

Vimzone Dinosaur World Road Race Track
This track and dinosaur bonus set is perfect for kids who can’t just pick one thing to play with. Like a world of racing tracks and dinosaurs, this race is easy to assemble and you will be amazed by your imagination.

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The Best Running Track for Children

Fisher-Price Little People Launch and Loop Tour

Little People Launch & Loop Raceway
This Fisher-Price playset is a track with fun descents and a bonus circuit that thrills and makes kids scream. Packed with sweet tricks, including hatch features, this cool racing car toy set has years of potential for your kids.

Construction Themed Racing Car Set

Construction themed race car track toys
This toy set creates a construction-themed racing track with a variety of flexible tracks for different forms of possibilities. Flexible, easy to assemble, and no matter how small your hands are, this amazing set includes five vehicles, multiple panels, other construction equipment and nearly 200 dynamic truck parts.

VATOS Motor Racing Circuit

VATOS motor racing circuit Race Car Track Toys
This running track is fun and suitable for training to understand the little ones. This little adventure set helps you develop hand-eye coordination, reflexes and strategies. Its fun colors, ease of use and creative design will forever capture children’s attention (OK, we want that, but for a long time)!

Hot Wheels Step2 Road Rally Racing Circuit

Hot Wheels Step2 Road Rally Racing
The Step2 Hot Wheels Raceway features an 8-foot track and raised platform for high-speed downhill racing. The set also includes a winning podium, which allows the little players to show who won the big race.

The Best Racing Electric Cars

Chris Cross Hot Wheels Crash Truck Kit

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set
Enhance your fun with this awesome cross and crash set! Four ring trucks with electric boosters tow the car at blazing speeds! However, if you’re not careful, you can crash with crossfire. There are many parking spaces for storage. Includes a car to enjoy the race right away!

Disney / Pixar Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway Truck Set

3 Ultimate Florida Speedway Truck Set
Bring home all the fun and frantic adventures of Cars 3 with this cool race car track toys! Watch Lightning McQueen accelerate a turbocharged truck to win the race! Electric boosters keep the car running at all times and divers can change lanes on the fly!

USA Toy Kid Nitro Race Car Construction Set

Nitro Race Car Construction Set
These homemade STEM race car track toys are perfect for kids who are developing dexterity. Kids offering affordable construction and engineering and racing toys will be hooked on this safe racing car and DIY set.


RC SGILE Race Car Track Toys
SGILE remote control cars are fast, powerful and ultra realistic. Easy to maneuver and use, this extensively tested quality car magnifies fast enough to shock you. It is a good activity for kids who like to run at high speed.

Ontel Magic Track Remote Control Racing Car Set

Track remote control racing car set
The Magic Tracks remote controlled race car track toys set up by Ontel is truly magical. A set that glows in the dark, perfect for oversleeping with friends at night. This buildable 16-foot track has two remotes for racing cars, police cars and team play.

Starry Bay RC Slot Car Racing Truck Electric Game

RC Slot Car Racing Truck Electric Game
Have fun with your family and friends with this cool racing toy truck! This slot car racing track features two cars and two controllers so you can compete quickly. LED lights provide additional racing loops and glow when shooting at the finish line!

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The Best Racing Car for the Little Ones

Haktoys Authentic Track Racer Set with Music

Haktoys Authentic Track Racer Set
Put your child in the racing spirit with this cool racing car toy truck! This track is easy to assemble and comes with 4 cars so you can race right out of the box! It also comes with a helicopter hovering overhead to capture all the action! Great for the first circuit!

Track Racing Car Racing Toys

Track racing car racing toys
Give your child a real running track, just like an older child! This exciting track is perfect for the new little runners! Consistent action and speed and even a flying helicopter! Speed ​​control and rollover action ramps make you want to go. Fun time!

Hot Wheels Pixar Character Car

Hot Wheels Pixar Character Car
Perfect for Hot Wheels and Pixar fans, this character collectible car set will instantly brighten your child’s day. Featuring Mike and Sally, Incredibles, Wally, Nemo and Dolly, this little collectible kit will be an exciting addition to your home tour.


BEZGAR RC Race Car Track Toys
The BEZGAR Ferrari Toy Grade is fun for both the little ones and the teenagers. It is a fully functional, robust and robust remote control car. With an 80-foot range and extremely flexible movement, weekends will soon be devoted to spending time with this little beast.

Little Brown Box Kids 12V Under Mercedes License

Box Kids 12V under Mercedes license
You will be jealous of your child’s new Mercedes after giving him this baby. The Mercedes-Benz Little Brown Box is easy to assemble and can be operated both remotely and manually, covering a wide range of age groups. Available in four trendy colors, this satisfying ride is a must-do activity on the weekend.

Pusharound Step2 Stroller

Pusharound Step2 stroller
For miniature riders, the Step2 Push Around Buggy is a great first ride experience. This race car track toys is perfect for long distances when the stroller isn’t fun enough. All other children will be jealous to see your baby flutter in the wind. With cup holders and shaped snack holders, your child will never want to get out of all this again.

In conclusion

The year 2023 has introduced a thrilling lineup of race car track toys suitable for all ages. From elaborate tracks with loops and jumps to customizable sets, these toys offer endless racing adventures and foster creativity and motor skills. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or looking to ignite your child’s passion for speed, these top picks will provide hours of entertainment. Invest in the best race car track toys of 2023 and get ready to rev up the excitement for everyone in the family!

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