A Quick Guided Meditation – 5 Minutes

Not much time? No problem. A quick guided meditation 5 Minutes can help you achieve similar benefits to longer practices. Here’s how.

Meditation is accessible to everyone and can be effective even in small doses. Even 5 minutes a day can make a difference in our mental and emotional health. But where to start? There are plenty of free guided meditations online, but we wanted to take some guesswork out of the equation. Here we’ve rounded up some of our favorite 5 minute meditations. So you can find your Zen on even the busiest of days.

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What is Meditation ?

Meditation is the practice of becoming more aware of the present moment. There are many types of meditation like: consciousness, mantra, benevolence, RAIN, transcendental, etc.

You can focus on your breath or on a word, scan your body or observe what is happening around you.

Let’s be clear on one thing: meditation is not about completely shutting down your thoughts. Your mind wanders as you meditate.

The point of meditation is to notice when you’re distracted. Then gently redirect your mind back to what you were focusing on: your breath, shall we say, or the chirping of birds.

Sometimes it can be helpful to start by practicing a five-minute guided meditation, where a guide, in person, on a video or recording, or via an app, walks you through the steps.

Stress Relief Guided Meditation

Immerse yourself in calm. This stress relief meditation is a relaxing 5 minute break that will allow you to focus and regain control of any stressful situation.

5 Minute Meditation Before Bed (to Sleep)

This guided meditation is designed to help you slow down and get into a restful and relaxing state before bed. Use it every night to encourage you to fall asleep quickly.

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It is essential to remember the following when it comes to meditation:

Breathing is Key – Starting slow and deep can be difficult without guidance as most of us rush through our days with shallow, unconscious breaths.

It doesn’t have to be long – a few minutes is enough if you’re intentional and block out all outside distractions.

It’s not about clearing your mind – the thoughts will come during your period of calm, but if you let them pass like summer clouds, you will always reap the rewards of being calm.

Consistency is important – you can start with five minutes and work longer, or not! It is more important to do it regularly than to do it over long periods of time.

It’s all about self-awareness – For a few minutes a day, turn off the noises of the outside world (there will always be some) and give yourself space and time to live in the moment.

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