Games for 6 Years

Check out your favorite board games for 6 years old. The quest for the best board games for all ages continues until the age of six, and these are arguably some of our old favorite family games.

And 6 is a really great age for board games. It’s fun to see what new kids are doing over the years. And it’s clear that games in this age group are starting to expect more from their strategy, memory, and planning skills. And for this reason, this age group tends to be perfect for the amazing junior version of the popular adult board game.

games for 6 years
Awesome Board Games for 6 Years Old

Some of the games on this list are certainly some of the oldest family games in our collection. For some reason, I bought a lot of games when my son was little, but it was probably a little advanced. But we didn’t really stop and he was able to play most of them from an early age with a little help. And obviously he grew up pretty well in all of them.

So, obviously this list contains some of our old favorite family games. There is a lot of nostalgia on this list. And the good news is that my 8-year-old son can always enjoy playing these games. And recently, new ones have come out just in time for my five-year-old sister to use. But a disappointing little note is about a game that we don’t include.

Most classic family games start at the age of 8 or 10. So my 7 year old is still in the middle ages and strategy games like clues and monopolies are still a bit tricky. The rest of the family, on the other hand, isn’t excited about the exciting game of falling and ladders seven years later.

Is it familiar? So don’t worry. I’m here to help.

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Junior 5 second rule

Every kid knows the famous 5 second rule for dropping food, but in this ridiculous family game you have to read the card and answer the questions, it only takes 5 seconds to do so! Fast-paced fun and entertaining; the whole family will enjoy this game.
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It was a shame! Board game

No one likes to be “left behind”. In this co-op and mysterious game, players try to find out who stole the cake. With 16 suspicious cards, the kids have to work together to find out who the unit is, or they will be defeated! The results are constantly changing, so it’s fun to play over and over again.

Hasbro pie face game

If you are looking for a great game for 6 years old, we recommend this classic carnival face pie based game. Place the whipped cream that is not included on the plastic arm, activate the router, and then activate the handle for the required number of revolutions. See how long it takes to put the pie on your face!
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The bustling wonderforge town of Richard Scarry, Ai found it

The purpose of the eye found is to move your work to the end of the board, and no one will win unless everyone reaches the end. Critics show the value of teamwork, like the parents who bought it for their 4-year-old daughter and said, She usually doesn’t like it, because of the cooperative nature of the game.

It will be a fun and accessible way to do it. I play the board because I don’t want to lose, but it’s a success because no one loses in this game. Another person who wrote that the game won a big win with his family on Christmas said, We, however, the fun of the game was hidden in the city theme when players navigated the game.

Looking for images. A 6-foot company. A family used the game as their next opportunity: Tell a story, share activities and events along the way,” and the game is Picnic Island. Since it ends with, put a picnic blanket on the pero. After using it before and enjoying playing on the blanket, often our picnic followed.
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Junior scrabble game

Introduce your child to the classic game of Scrabble in this colorful junior edition for young players. Instead of writing words, early readers can practice letter matching and flip the board over for advanced play as their skills improve. Ideal for parents and children to play together.
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Sneaky snack squirrel game

Players take turns like a sneaky squirrel trying to collect all five acorns first. No need to read in this simple game for the youngest. Kids love to play with all the fun play equipment such as squirrels, trees and colorful acorns.

excuse me! game

A classic game where you learn to say “I’m sorry!” When you bring the other player back to the beginning, you get all three tokens first from start to finish. There is an excuse. Colorful pawns, cards and game boards guarantee hours of fun.
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Set of slides and ladders

In this classic game for preschoolers, climb the stairs and slide down the slides. When you land on good deeds, get on the board, but be careful not to slip off. Kids and adults alike love playing with it on family game nights.
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look! Board games for boys

Check out this game, Stare, Junior Edition, with all-new images and big, easy-to-hold cards. This fun game will help you develop your memory, concentration and imagination. With award-winning, 160 images and 960 questions, you’ll never get bored.
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DreamWorks Troll in Trouble Game

If your kids love the movie Trolls, they will be delighted to receive this themed version of the classic trouble game. This fast and fun game has beautiful graphics and kids will love a small part of the troll game as much as the game itself.
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Ladybugs game

This adorable game is a new adventure every time the kids play, as the four ladybugs embark on different missions each time. The winner is the first ladybug to go home. The colorful graphics of fun insects encourage children to play. No need to read.

Taco stake over board game

This hilarious board game turns taco making into a fun game of identification and matching. Each player receives a “taco” and uses research cards, tokens, and hourglasses to create materials. For 2 to 6 players, this is perfect for Family Game Nights. You can even offer real tacos!

Connect 4 strategic board games

Who has never played a Connect 4 game? The gameplay is very simple. Before your opponent can make a line, you need to make four lines. The really great thing about this game is that you need a strategy to win the game that teaches kids a variety of great skills.

Before you can act, you need to anticipate the needs of other players and play aggressively so that you don’t have to play in defense. Kids don’t have to worry about strategy as much as they worry about sliding the lever at the bottom of the game if someone wins. There is no need to slide the lever. Must be slid to the child. excuse me.
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Classic operation skill game

No one has enjoyed surgery as much as a player in a classic operation board game. Players need a stable hand to remove body items such as brain ice cream (freezing the brain) and forearm pencils (writer’s cramp) without ringing the buzzer.
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Treasure hunt for children

Treasure Hunt for Kids-Active playboard games offer two ways to find any space with different objects indoors and outdoors. This game encourages children to become active and find specific items that may help them find socks, shoes and even car keys. You can work in teams to encourage teamwork and other collaborative skills.

Each team consists of seven character definition elements that need to be placed in a designated space, such as the backyard of the house or the ground floor. The first team or player who finds seven items from the list wins the round. Each game has a different time, which can be short or long. You can use multiple games or one game in one frame.
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Complete parents’ board game

Kids love to play friendly games with their parents, but they love to beat them more. In this fast-paced game, kids play their parents in a fun trivia quiz game. Play family-friendly game nights and host permanent tournaments. Which is smarter, the child or the parent? It depends on which side you are on.
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Disney Eye Found It Board Game World

Take the basic idea of ​​a hidden picture game and combine it with Disney characters to get the magic of this fun 6 year old game with a huge 6 foot board. Players can search over 1,000 items in 12 Disney realms while spending time with Mickey and his friends.
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Resources for learning Sight Word Swata Sight Word Game

When looking for a game for 6 years old, you won’t find a game as fun and educational as this fly hunting word game. All words are shaped like flies, and each of the four players is given a colored fly tap to “find and crush.” It’s not only fun, it’s also educational.
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Pop the pig game

The name of the game itself, Pop the Pig, sounds like a good time, but you know that it has to be fun as the best-selling game in 2016 and 2017. The player rolls the dice in turn and feeds the pork burger until the belly explodes.
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Classic battleship board game

“It’s a great game for different age groups, it’s easy to learn, it’s fun to play, and it keeps kids busy for a while,” wrote a college professor about this classic board game. “This is a fun game for kids and teens,” another reviewer wrote.

Both players are deeply involved in the game as they try to position their opponent’s fleet based on the results of each successive Salvo. And while it can be a long game, it gets their attention for at least a while. I bought it for 7 and 9 years old, they are enjoying the first 30 minutes, parents say.

My 7-year-old son is bored / bored. I love playing with my 9-year-old kid and teach him the process of strategy and exclusion. And it was designed for two people. But if you have a larger group, critics have found a way around it. ”Two players alone are great for having a good night with your family. One wrote, but another said.
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Sequence for kids

A great way to keep your kids away from electronics and have fun with the whole family is to schedule a weekly family play night. This amazing sequence game with playing cards and colorful chips is fun for the whole family. There is something great about board games that connect families.
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Monkeys up family board game

Kids will learn strategy, social skills, improve memory and math in this fun, teacher-created game Monkeys Up. Kids get hooked when they get the highest score by spinning, exchanging, and stealing monkeys. You’re not too old for board games and it’s great for the whole family.

Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Adventure Board Game

Take Paw Patrol fans to the next level with this board game. Kids can have a thrilling adventure with their favorite friends, chase, marshall, rocky and other gangsters while competing for rescue in cool rides. A game worth barking!
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Blocks game

This easy-to-learn game is perfect for the whole family. It takes less than a minute to learn, but it offers a fun challenge for all ages. Block your opponents and claim as much territory as you can. Play until you can no longer place pieces on the board. The person with the fewest coins wins!
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Yeti of my spaghetti

There is no more casual combination of the mythical monster Yeti and the delicious Italian pasta spaghetti, but here we combine the two into one simple game. Place the noodles in a bowl and the yeti on top. Remove the noodles one by one in order without dropping the yeti.
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Exclusive junior board game

Both adults and children love to play classic Monopoly games, making this junior version more accessible to younger players. Properties are fun places like ice cream shops and skate parks, and big tokens are big for kids like animals and cars.

Escape the dinosaurs

Children naturally love dinosaurs, so this dinosaur escape game will automatically become the winner. This fun cooperative game has a dynamic game board with a prehistoric world featuring volcanoes. Includes 3 dinosaur figures, 12 fern tokens, and dice. For 2-4 players, dinosaur fans will love it.
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Classic twister

It’s hard to believe that such a simple game would generate so much laughter, but Twister has provided fun for decades with just colorful playmats and turntables. It’s a great game for all ages and is perfect for a fun family game night.
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Game of Life Junior Game

This is an updated “junior” version of the classic board game Life. Take colorful car tokens and ride the game of life. Embark on an adventure like collecting gold stars at a zoo or beach. You can be the first person to collect 10 gold stars to win.
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Board game for wet dogs

Get ready for lots of laughter by playing Soggy Doggy, a perfectly clean dog bathroom game. Be aware that you are alternating around the board to bathe your puppy. I don’t know when he will spray you with water and shrug his shoulders.

Insects in the kitchen

An idea that most people don’t want to think about, a kitchen bug, is a fun game with robot insects and a maze-shaped game board. Players roll the dice in turn, move tools and create paths to trap bugs!

Hi i have a cherry-o game

The classic game, Hi Ho Cherri-O, makes children laugh as they collect colorful fruits from trees to fill a bucket. No need to read, so it’s a great game for young players to practice their early math skills and fun. Children will love all the small pieces of fruit.

Who do you think it is? Board game

Does your person have blue eyes? Do they wear hats? Kids love to ask “Guess Who” questions in this classic board game with original artwork. This two-player mystery game includes 48 minifigures and 24 mystery cards. Who guesses who first?

Wild crafts! Herbal adventure game for kids

Of the game’s more than 800 5-star reviews, more than 50 of this cooperative board game is educational and children about 25 edible and medicinal plants, and their use in first aid situations. I teach to. One parent, who describes the game as educational and well-designed, summarizes how players can collect useful plants that can be used in the event of problems such as bee stings, hunger, and sunburn” to help each other. doing.

During a fictional game. Another reviewer said, I like helping kids avoid fights and turmoil. When they go hiking, they find these plants and know how to use them. The beautiful design of the board Is also highly evaluated. A game made of all recyclable and recyclable materials and printed with vegetable oil based inks.

A 50-year-old customer who describes himself as an interactive student says he bought this beautiful game himself to learn more about herbs. She’s a medicine, but she’s also playing with her 4-year-old granddaughter. She is very competitive. So it was great for her to have a game with collaborative components and it is very well explained. I was happy with the colors.
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Trouble classic board game

Parents can now introduce their children to the board games they were playing. The fun and popping bubbles and troubles of the game are a unique way to roll the dice. When the player first tries to bring all the chips home, colorful stakes run around the board.

Latex board game

This simple strategy game takes 3 minutes to learn, 20 minutes to play and a lifetime to learn. As you play this amazingly deep strategy game, you will develop skills such as planning, interpersonal relationships, and spatial awareness. For 2-4 players over 6 years old, there are no barriers to playing depending on age and language. It’s fun for everyone.
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ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Early Reading Game

Playing games is a great way to learn the language of sight for first-time readers. This fun game, Zingo, helps kids learn the basics of early reading while playing bingo-like games. Everyone receives the graphics card and the ginger machine issues a site note. Oh, the excitement when kids play games.
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Game issues Despicable Me board game

The classic trouble game is now available in a minion version based on Despicable Me’s Moon Thief movie. Kids will love these wacky little minions and will want to play with these cute pawns over and over again. Pop the bubbles and roll the dice to move the character on the conveyor belt.
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Mermaid island board game

This imaginative game with sweet illustrations focuses on co-op. Travel to Siren Island in this simple strategy game for 2-6 players. Each game lasts 15 to 20 minutes. Board games are a great activity to encourage positive social skills.
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A pile of pancakes! Relay game

Not all games are played around the table. In this pancake relay game, the “customer” runs around the grill and stacks the pancakes in the correct order. The team with the butter on top and the stack successfully completed wins. Great for parties, play dates and picnics.
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ThinkFun Rush Hour Junior Logic Game for Traffic

This clever board game is the only kind of traffic jam you want to find yourself. Rush Hour Junior is a logic game with a transportation network and 15 vehicles. Players acquire logical reasoning skills while avoiding traffic jams all day long. Comes with a practical storage bag.
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Spelling board game

What do you get when you come across a crocodile with words spelled out? Of course, Spelligatore! In this scrabble-like game, kids collect tiles and spell common visible words. The person who “eats” the most words of the crocodile wins. They will be very fun. They will not even notice what they are learning.
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Kuwakuru board game

Fun to say, fun to play, Qwirkle is all about shuffling and matching to win. This addictive game is easy to follow the best rules for young players, but the tactical maneuvers and strategies required are fun for all ages. This game is perfect for the whole family to play together.
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Giant checker carpet set

With a stack, this jumbo draft game is perfect for intergenerational play. Take this game to Grandma’s house to play with or share with friends of all ages. This game teaches strategy and encourages memory. A classic way to spend time in a lazy afternoon.
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Hasbro Operation Electronic Board Game

This version is something I’ve remembered since I was a kid. Bone removal with a nearly guaranteed buzzer, the sliding parts are barely visible so far, it’s a real challenge, he finds an accidentally upgraded version. One reviewer I bought earlier wrote. This original. One reviewer still has 12 body parts to remove and one to connect (from ankle to knee bone).

Yes, the buzzer always brings joy to children. My children are screaming with laughter and excitement trying to do everything, “says one parent. The new thing is “the ice cream cone in Sam’s head. Freezing.” But he still does his job of teaching children fine motor skills. One reviewer even said, You may have a doctor in your family.
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Hungry hippopotamus

Hungry Hippos is a hilarious 6 year old game that is guaranteed to cause uncontrollable laughter and laughter. Fun and fast, players choose colorful hippos and try to devour all the marbles by pressing the lever many times. The hippopotamus that eats the most wins.
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Reverse Charade Junior Board Game

This game takes your favorite old-fashioned charade and defeats him. Instead of one person reciting a clue that the team guesses, the team stages the clue that one person guesses. Subtle but powerful changes that promote teamwork.
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Candy Land Candy World Game

This is a great first introduction to a fun board game in Candyland that has been popular so far. This sweet (included?) Board game provides a fun castle ride, but don’t get stuck in the middle. For 2-4 players, no need to read. Little kids love to choose colorful tokens.
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Disney Spin Master Game Beat Parents

In the final game, kids and adults compete with each other to see who knows more about Disney’s trivia. This fun board game is perfect for kids of all ages. There are several categories of question cards to enjoy for hours without asking questions. The whole family will love this game.
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Hasbro Connect 4 games

Connect 4 is the perfect game if you have only two players. Each player chooses a red or yellow disc and then places them on the grid and tries to land in four rows. This game is great for developing visionary strategies and skills, and it’s a lot of fun.
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Jenga Hasbro Game

This version of the classic Jenga wooden block game is now available in a package designed for easy cleaning and convenient storage. Players test their stable hands in an attempt to remove the pieces without dropping the tower. This simple yet endlessly fun game is perfect for the whole family.
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Disney Tsum Mancala Board Game

If your kids love these little stackable Tsum Tsum figures, they will love this fun and travel friendly game-take them everywhere to play colorful stacking games with adorable Tsum Tsum figures Please go. This game encourages color recognition and fine athletic performance. Kids will love this sweet game.
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Junior clue game

This version of the classic clue game for the youngest features stolen cakes and a group of almost familiar suspects. Players follow the clues to determine if the culprit is either Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, or any other character, old or new.
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Mousetrap game

If you are looking for a fun game for 6 years old, check out this mousetrap game. In this game, you will run all the time, challenging insane challenges without being trapped. Kids love to choose colorful mouse tokens and run around mouse traps to win.
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Disney Princess Enchantment Cupcake Party Set

If your little princess loves cupcakes and doesn’t like princesses, she will love this fun cupcake-themed board game. Serve delicious treats, play and have a cupcake party.
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FAQ about Best Board Games for 6 Years

Why play board games with kids?

First of all, playing with your child is a great family experience. Board games are also good at concentration and memory. Not only that, board games are also a great way to learn life skills such as communication, critical thinking, turns and conflict resolution.

How to choose a board game for kids

When choosing a children’s board game, it is essential to consider the child’s personality. Are your kids competitive? Does the child tend to explode if he can’t win? Do they like to be challenged?

For example, if you choose a board game for a 6 year old kid, Clue Jr. Is intended for children over 6 years old. Is this game too easy for your child? On the contrary, the standard tip is for kids over 8 years old, but does your child have enough strategic ability to play without frustration? Think about your child when deciding which toys to buy to avoid boredom and frustration. You know them well.

The best board games for 6 years old

The game room can be scary. Is it funny? Can everyone have fun playing? Is it worth the money?

There are lots of great family board games for 6 year olds that can be fun for adults and older kids while family games include the youngest kids on the night.

Through some research, we have found and collected a lot of great games that the whole family will love. Below is a list of the best favorites for your board game collection.

Final Thoughts

The best board games for 6 years old offer a lot of fun and learning. Most family games teach skills without the child being aware of what they are learning.

If you can only select one game, select Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game. The game pays attention to details, provides opportunities for laughter, and provides quick and easy-to-understand gameplay. Kids can learn the game in minutes and play against others while honing their exclusion and deduction skills. A classic family game!

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