Funny Teacher GiftsFunny Teacher Gifts

Looking for an ideal funny teacher gifts? Check out our huge selection of mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, stickers and more. CafePress brings your passion to life with the perfect item for any occasion.

Funny Teacher Gifts
Funny Teacher Gifts

Everyone, even your hardworking teacher, needs to laugh! Thank you for the gift from the carefully selected list. 10+ fun and useful gifts to express your gratitude to your teacher. There is something for teachers, professors and mentors of all kinds, from personalized gifts to fun gifts.

Funny Teacher Gifts ideas List Below:

1. Funny Professor Bearded Shirt

Looking for the perfect ridiculous gift for your favorite bearded teacher? This fun and stylish t-shirt has an image that tells it all. Made of lightweight cotton and polyester, this five-color gift is sure to be a big hit among the male teachers in your life!
Funny Professor Bearded Shirt
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2. Funny Math Teacher Funny Mug

Need a gift idea for a hard-to-buy math teacher? I will not look any further! This eye-catching mug is made of high quality ceramic and features math equations and a fun message that they will surely love. Securely packaged in a gift box, this mug serves up years of coffee breaks and hot soups.
Funny Math Teacher Funny Mug
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3. Funny Professor Coffee Mug

Thank your favorite teacher with this hilarious mug! Sign up to make your morning coffee even more exciting and entertain the rest of the staff at the same time. Safe with 100% ceramic and dishwasher safe, this is the perfect gift for a hard working teacher in your life!
Funny professor Coffee Mug
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4. 60 Hilarious Bookmarks

Perfect for any class, these cute bookmarks will make great gifts, prizes or decorations! Featuring 10 unique designs, each with great kids jokes, this 60-piece set will keep your students from losing their place in the book. Great for classy parties, marathons and reading vacations!
60 Hilarious Bookmarks
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5. Funny Teachers Notepad

Make a teacher’s day with these cute novelty notes! Bright and colorful, it features clever animal word games that make your office work more enjoyable. The gift set contains four blocks of 50 pages, each with a different design, perfect for the home, office or on the go.
Funny Teachers Notepad
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6. Interesting Set of Tumbler Cups

Are you looking for a unique gift for your life teacher? This beautiful glitter stainless steel travel mug is fun and versatile. The high quality double walled glass is perfect for carrying any beverage you can imagine, be it coffee or wine! Choose from five vibrant colors and use the included lid and straw to keep your drink safe.
Interesting set of Tumbler Cups
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7. Because Students 15 Ounce Funny Stemless Wine Glass

End your long day with a drink in this chic, fun and stemless wine glass! The message “Because I am a student” is made of high quality ink that perfectly captures your mood and does not fade. Packaged in an elegant white box, 15 ounces of glass are a great gift of appreciation for the teacher!
Because Students 15 Ounce Funny Stemless Wine Glass
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8. Funny Teacher Socks

The best way to unwind after a long week of instruction is to wear comfortable socks and strong drinks. These soft cotton socks are cute but still send a clear message. With a variety of colors and drinks choices, it is a perfect gift for teachers and professors.
Funny Teacher Socks
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9. Funny Teacher Bag

Make a comfortable and fun gift to your teacher’s friends and family! This stylish red and white tote bag is perfect for carrying books and paper to and from school. The heartwarming message is also great for laughing. This light and durable bag is sure to be a big hit!
Funny Teacher Bag
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10. Funny Music Teacher T-shirt

Celebrate your favorite music teacher with this trendy tee! Available in men’s and women’s sizes, this soft cotton shirt comes in a variety of color combinations and features a stylish design that music teachers will recognize as really cool! This year too is a perfect gift with gratitude!
Funny Music Teacher T-shirt
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11. Funny Teacher Magnet

Add a touch of style to your classroom or fridge with this decorative magnet gift set! Cute and unique, this 9-piece set includes an assortment of fun and exciting messages that show how much you care about your favorite teacher. Each piece is made of high quality materials and features vibrant colors that are sure to grab attention!
Funny Teacher Magnet
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How to Buy the Best Funny Teacher Gifts

Know your audience

Giving a funny teacher gifts to your child’s teacher is a little different than giving your best friend a birthday present. I would like to find what the school teacher wants, even if it is an interesting gift. Whether it’s your teacher’s coffee mug, grocery bag, or a set of stemless wine glasses with a carved stem, it’s always a good idea to have an item close at hand. A funny phrase related to the teacher.

Be appropriate

The jokes “student tears” and “use the teacher’s voice” are very good for retirement gifts and high school and high school teachers, but not for elementary school teachers or kindergarten teachers. Don’t give anything that contains dirty jokes or that needs to be explained to your family or students. It can be fun and appropriate!

Find high quality materials

Many bad gifts are made of cheap materials, but they don’t need to be. Look for items made from materials such as zinc alloy, stainless steel, and ceramic. For example, if you buy a travel mug, make sure it is well insulated.


When considering which fun teacher gifts to choose, check out sites like Amazon and Etsy to see which teacher gift ideas are the most popular and use them as basic ideas for further research. That way, when you make a gift for the holidays or for the end of the year, you can be sure that you have found something that they will probably like. Also, keep in mind that personalized gifts and those with a DIY side stand out.

Make your Favorite Teacher Laugh

Whether you’re giving a thank you gift to your teacher or a “cool guy”, it’s a lot of fun to give a gift. See what you can find with the best gifts and choose some fun gifts for teachers that are sure to make them laugh.

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