Educational Toy for 2 Year Olds

Want to give your baby more best educational toys? Wondering which educational toys are best for 2 year olds? What is the best educational toy for 2 year olds? This post is useful!

Little baby can learn in so many ways. They are infinitely love and curious to touch, play, move and test the limits. Some 2 year olds play and sit quietly, while others are interested in tactile movement and learning. Every two years there are toys that meet their educational and interest needs.
Educational Toy for 2 Year Olds
As a mom of a kids, I research the best learning toys and the best educational toys to help me learn important skills such as fine motor skills, spatial awareness, imaginative play, colors, words and numbers. I’ve made a list of all of our real favorites for the best educational toys for 2 year olds, add a few more toys that come highly recommended and on our list below.

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List of the Best Educational Toy for 2 Year Olds

1. My Own Leaptop, Green

This Leap Frog Kids Laptop is the perfect educational toy for 2 year olds. She is growing up with them and they will have a lot of fun learning letters, singing songs, playing, and sending fake emails like moms and dads because this will be their favorite toy prize.
My Own Leaptop Green
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2. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

This driving toy is a classic that your child will love to turn the wheel and pretend to drive while watching the dog move back and forth. Press the colored buttons for animal and vehicle sounds. Gear changes, turn signals, traffic lights and more provide endless imaginative play.
VTech Turn and Learn Driver
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3. LeapStart Interactive Learning System

Leap Frog’s interactive learning system is designed to inspire children ages 2-7 to count, read, and problem solve. Use the stylus on each page to trigger questions,  songs, jokes, challenges and more.
LeapStart Interactive Learning System
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4. The Learning Path Matches him! to Count

Your baby loves this puzzle game so much that you won’t even notice that he is learning to count. In this hands-on activity, you will teach the numbers 1 to 20 in 30 pairs of puzzles that only match if they are correct. Your child will spend hours with this counting puzzle.
Learn to Count Puzzle - Preschool Learning Toys
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5. VTech Touch for Teaching Vocabulary

This toddler ebook is truly a miniature learning center. There are 12 tactile pages that teach over 100 words and 4 additional play modes: What’s That Word, Music Time, Letter Fun, Find It. Babies over 18 months will love this educational toy.
Touch and Teach Word Book
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6. Lego Duplo My First Preschool Problem

This LEGO Duplo figure train makes a great educational toy for 2 year olds. It includes a locomotive and three brick wagons numbered 0-9. This set includes figures of girls, boys and cats. Big blocks are great for little hands.
Lego Duplo My First Preschool Problem
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7. Pretend to be a doctor’s game

This 10-piece kit contains everything a small doctor needs to treat a patient, including a thermometer, mouth mirror, stethoscope, otoscope and scalpel. You can easily store everything in a convenient carrying case, and four instruments will light up for even more fun.
Pretend to be a doctor's game
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8. Little Tikes Sports Zone 3-in-1 Baby Toy

Your little athlete will love this three-in-one sports zone! They can play basketball, switch to football and finish with bowling. The light board teaches numbers shapes and colors, and the frame is adjustable. Comes with 3 folds and balls needed for easy storage.
Little Tikes Sports Zone 3-in-1 Baby Toy
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9. Teach my kids a learning kit

This educational kit contains 68 pieces to teach your child the alphabet, shapes, numbers and colors. Includes 4 cardboard books, 4 posters, 55 flashcards and 7 puzzles. Spend just 20 minutes a day promoting literacy, fine motor skills, spatial reasoning and more.
Teach my kids a learning kit
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10. A set of beads with a thick string

Your little kids will have a lot of fun stringing these big colorful beads with brightly colored cords, they will develop their fine motor skills and in the process, the color pattern and shape. I don’t even realize I’m learning . This 36 piece set comes in a handy drawstring bag.
A set of beads with a thick string
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What is an Educational Toy?

Learning toys are also sometimes referred to as instruction toys or educational toys. These are toys specially designed for learning about a particular subject or learning new skills.

Learning toys can teach important skills such as hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, effect and cause, pairing and fine motor skills. You can also teach your child specific subjects such as colors, letters, words, numbers, math, languages, and science.

Why do Need to Educational Toys?

The first years of your child’s life are accompanied by great brain development. Learning through play is a great way to stimulate the brain and take advantage of this developmental explosion.

Toddlers don’t need educational toys to learn by playing! Almost anything they come in contact with, chopsticks, such as stones and canteen chairs, help them discover and stimulate their imaginations the world around them.

Anyway, learning toys are a good addition to many real-world expeditions and can be a great addition for teaching your child specific skills. Below I share my real favorites educational toys for 2 year olds!

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