There will be a lot to look forward to in 2023 for dirt bikes for 10 year olds. The new gas-powered dirt motorcycles for kids thrill. We were astounded as youngsters by the superb quality of dirt motorcycles for kids. Choose a dirt bike that is large enough for the child to ride.

Surprisingly, a large number of young individuals like riding dirt motorcycles. So, you will look at the wide array of options available in the market. Researching all of them by yourself could require much time and effort.

Here is where we’d like to fill in the gap. We are going to share you the best dirt bikes for 10 year olds that you can pick to your wish list. Without further ado, let’s go straightforward to the list.

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Honda CRF125F

Honda released the CRF125F in 2013. This is an excellent alternative for young dirt bikers looking for a more trail-oriented bike. It is quicker than other motocross bikes, has lower clearance, and a more evenly distributed powerband than other bikes.
Honda CRF125F Dirt Bike
When children see the clutch lever for the first time, they may get anxious. But the clutch lever on the CRF125F isn’t as daunting as it is on other compact dirt motorcycles. These bikes have extra-long gearing, allowing the user to maintain a fast speed while pulling from a low speed.

Honda is an excellent place to start when it comes to dirt motorcycles for kids.

The Kawasaki KLX110

The vivid lime green appearance of the KLX110 appears to appeal to children.
The Kawasaki KLX110
It weighs 167 pounds and has a seat height of 26.8 inches, making it an excellent choice. The Kawasaki KLX110 is one of the smallest dirt bikes on the market right now. If your youngster has never ridden a dirt bike before, this is the greatest place to start. It will assist your youngster learn to bike and provide him or her experience at first. Despite its appearance, this model may also be utilized as a Minamoto for adults to ride about the yard.

Razor MX350

It is a popular among children aged 10 to 13. This is a kid’s dirt bike that stands out from the crowd. This type features a 350-watt engine and can reach speeds of up to 14 mph (22 km/h). It has a high torque and can travel at a variety of speeds. The Razor MX350, being an electric bike, provides the user the confidence and control they need to have a wonderful time on their journey. It will take 12 hours for the bike to be completely charged.
Razor MX350 dirt bikes for 10 year olds
This electric dirt bike includes 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires to make it simple to use. These tires are excellent in smoothing out bumps and fooling metal foot pegs. It can be the right pick of dirt bikes for 10 year olds if you are up to electric sourced bike for your kids.

Husqvarna Maisto M39177

When it comes to excitement, utility, and pricing, this gadget is hard to top. This bike is intended for children who have never ridden a race cycle. It features a manual clutch and transmission and is intended for children who have never ridden a race bike.
Husqvarna TC65
It’s also simple to use. When this strategy is applied, both speed and capacity improve (250 pounds). There are no restrictions on how you may use this device as long as it does not have training wheels. The stand and helmet that come with this kit are ideal for riders of all ages.

2023 Kawasaki KX65

Kawasaki KX65
Are you looking for a dirt bike for your child? This one is for you. In this example, children aged 5 to 10 should be able to fit inside the frame’s weight and height of 83 pounds. This fantastic first bike has both front and rear hand brakes. It rides on 17-inch wheels.

Honda CRF50F

Honda’s dirt bike range is one of the most well-known on the market. People have been using the CRF50F for a long time since it is well-made and offers a plethora of user-friendly features. This 50cc dirt bike is sure to please everyone.
Honda CRF50F
50cc dirt motorcycles for youngsters will always be in demand. This is due to the fact that children adore them. Honda dirt motorcycles offer the power, control, and fantastic ride ability to get kids interested in motocross since they’re so much fun to ride.

It is definitely one of the most evergreen dirt bikes for 10 year olds.

Yamaha TT-R50E

Another decent option is the Yamaha TT-R50E. The TT-R50E has a weight of 128 pounds (wet). People who are new to riding dirt motorcycles will appreciate how simple this Yamaha dirt bike for kids is to operate.
Yamaha TT-R50E dirt bikes for 10 year olds
A dirt bike’s 50cc engine can withstand the damage that inexperienced riders may dish it. With a foldable side stand and sticky foot pegs, your child may transform his or her bicycle into a race bike or a fun one.


The KTM 50 SX is a little speed demon designed for young individuals who desire to compete. Because of KTM, particularly this model, there is now an entire world of racing. This bike is ideal for a young racer who prefers to compete aggressively. It is only open to persons above the age of eight.
There are no gears on this small rocket, so you don’t have to worry about them. Your youngster has the ability to twist and turn. When riding the 50 SX with this competition-ready modification, kids may only focus on basic abilities like stopping, turning, and leaping.

2022 KTM 65SX

2022 KTM 65SX dirt bikes for 10 year olds
Riders at any age or ability level will have a fantastic time on the KTM 65SX. This bike includes low, wide seats and aluminum suspension to help learning to ride a bike simpler. It’s ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on larger bikes because it boasts updated WP XACT forks and a more aggressive appearance. The clutch and transmission are both excellent. It provides excellent value for money.

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2022 Kawasaki KLX110R

Kawasaki KLX110R
Riders aged 6 to 11 may ride the Kawasaki KLX110R dirt bike. It’s small enough to fit in your palm and comes with training wheels. Riding a motorcycle and seeing how far you can go on it is a lot of fun for kids. There’s a good reason why we include this in our dirt bikes for 10 year olds list. This bike’s double front disc brakes, moving lights, and other features make it a delight for your child to ride.

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