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21+ Best Magical Unicorn Toys for kids of all Ages [2022]

Childhood magic is a perfect complement to unicorn toys. These glittering mythical creatures continue to capture children’s hearts and there is no shortage of unicorn toys and gifts.

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea? No matter their age or if it’s a girl or a boy, these charming unicorn toys can’t go “very” wrong. We have selected the best to narrow your search.

Whatever your budget, be it a cute plush toy, a rainbow slime or a fully customized one, you are sure to find an impressive gift. It is never too early or too late to inspire your imagination and pretend you are playing with these gifts.

Best Unicorn Toys for Babies Reviewed in 2022

When it comes to unicorn toys, there is such a huge selection. Whether you are looking for a small or large toy, an action figure, a stuffed animal or a talking unicorn, it’s important to choose based on your child’s interests. Therefore, the reviews here include different types of toys.

With so many unicorn-themed toys on the market today, it’s hard to decide which one will be special for your child. Check out 21 of the best unicorn toys for babies. This will reduce the stress of searching hundreds of products to find the best unicorn gift.

Best Toddler and Unicorn Toys for Babies

USA Toyz Unicorn Kids Play Tent

Up to 3 children can play in this colorful unicorn pop-up tent. Lightweight, breathable mesh windows keep an eye on you while your kids play. According to reviews, this tent probably won’t fit anywhere, but it’s easy to set up and comes with a carrying case included, so you’ll get bonus points.
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Bright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn Toys

If you are looking for a unicorn toy that your child will love, get this magical bright start mobile toy. You can put it in “tracking” mode and chase this unicorn towards a robot (or a child). Touching this unicorn will change the direction. If you need to keep them in one place, set Rock & Glow to “Detect” mode. In this mode, light and sound teach colors, numbers and shapes. This choice must “win the baby shower” everywhere.
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Unicorn Stamp Set

The fun of the unicorn doesn’t end with this stamp set. Kids can add magic to their art projects and create their own stories and characters with 15 washable pads and the included ink pads.
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YoYa Toys Beadeez Unicorn Squeeze Antistress Ball Toys

It was also a stressful year for the children. This soft unicorn is filled with gel-injected pearls (non-toxic!) Which are extremely durable and very pleasant to squeeze, squeeze and stretch. To be honest, you may want to yourself.

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I Love Unicorn Crafts – A Great Craft Kit

Instead of toys, why not give your older children a cute Craft-tastic “I Love Unicorns” kit? This box contains all the materials needed to complete the six magical projects. DIY unicorns, magical necklaces, funky horn headbands, colorful tails and more

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Glitter Unicorn Activity Plush

Unicorns are unusual, but Sparkles are truly unique among all the charming soft toys. With reversible glitter and reusable stickers, the handmade soft toys will help you in your creative play.
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Plush Unicorn Toys for Kids

A Wonderful Book of Magical Horses

Disguised paper dolls have never been as exciting as this magical horse and book of friends. The set includes 6 ponies and 3 fairies to dress up with over 200 punch-out outfits. Kids can decorate paper dolls with saddles, manes, crowns and more. The book also includes four capes and a storage bag.
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Unicorn Plush

In beautiful packaging, this super cute unicorn plush toy is ready to gift. The stuffed animal comes with a unique gift certificate that allows your child to name it whatever they like. You can also write your name on the chalkboard feet and parents can use their feet to write cute messages before bed.
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DIY kit Full of Activities

Kids can spend days with this craft kit, which includes 6 different activities. When the dust on the magical unicorn is gone, you can move on to the miniature unicorn plush toy. Step-by-step instructions facilitate independent and creative play.
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Unicorn Growth Set of 2 Hatching Eggs

Who’s the kid who hates cool toys? All you have to do is add water, wait and see the surprise of this Rainbow Egg Hatch Unicorn. When the egg breaks, the unicorn will continue to grow for up to 48 hours! Your child is 100% hypnotized.
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Feed your Fun Robo pets Unicorn Toy

With a rating of nearly 4,000, this robot unicorn was chosen by Amazon as the best “female unicorn toy”. intelligent robot can be controlled by remote control and learn to respond to various gestures.
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VTech Starshine Unicorn in Bright Light

Starshine, a bright unicorn toy, has a lot of learning and fun. Starshine contains amulets that the child puts on her to hear phrases and names of objects and colors. In music mode, children can use spells to add their own magic to the melody.
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Unicorn Stickers Set

Children can create their own masterpieces with this activity book. Put stickers on 10 different images and you will be dazzled by the colorful unicorn scene. Each page has a perforated border to tear off the page and proudly display it.
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Unicorn Temporary Tattoo

They can tell the world they believe in unicorns with 26 temporary tattoos. Unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes and stars come to life in vibrant metallic colors. Enough to share with friends and family.
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Unicorn Full of Surprise Toys

Kids can cause 25 surprises and confetti with this pocket-sized pack. Elastic glitter wings and detachable straps allow you to join the party wherever you go. Includes two polyethylene microdolls, accessories and a cart pulled by a unicorn.
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Unicorn Star Projector

This cool night lamp projects a unicorn, so you can turn your child’s room into a unicorn country. If you want to enable magic, there is also a starry sky option. This lamp can project up to 15 feet and 250 square feet. Do you like sleepovers?
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Best unicorn toys for girls

Unicorn Night Light

This adorable night light is made from soft washable silicone and glows in nine colors with touch control. You can also adjust the brightness with the included remote control night light. Note: Micro USB charging cable is not included. LumieWorld also sells a unicorn-sounding lollipop that combines a noise machine, projector, and night light in one.
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FurReal Friends Star Lily My Magical Unicorn

StarLily is a great toy that acts like a real pet and reacts to touch. You may not be able to find a real unicorn, but Star Lily is definitely the best thing to do. It responds to touch with blinks, movements, beautiful flapping wings and soft sounds. The horn will also turn on!
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WowWee Fingerlings Baby Unicorn Gem

What’s better than bringing a new boyfriend everywhere? The ring is an interactive toy that fits your finger so you can play wherever you want. Pink, with gorgeous rainbow hair and a tail, babies can’t resist kissing Jema.
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Schleich Figure Toy Unicorn Rainbow Sea

Whether it’s a majestic ornament or a magical toy, every child will love this beautiful unicorn. It has a sparkling rainbow tail, mane and pretty rhinestones and is part of the wonderful Schleich collection.
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Creative Roots Draw your Unicorn

In all the colorful rainbow of colors, your kid should have fun drawing his own unicorn with this creative Roots kit. With lots of glitter and sparkle, kids can also make unicorns even more special.
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Born in a Unicorn Hooded Hoodie

After a cold winter day, it’s best to curl up and warm up. BornToUnicorn brings you this awesome hooded blanket with cute ears, purple horns and colorful fringes. A perfect blanket for children to warm up and relax after school.
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Barbie Unicorn Pet Doctor

When you’re ready to get rid of the emerging Doc McStuffin, grab the tools you need with this unicorn pet medical kit. This playset includes a stethoscope, a syringe, a bottle, a patch for putting on broken horns and, of course, the cute hypochondria itself. Also, there is a rainbow backpack, of course she can call home.
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Happy Nappers-Unicorn white pillow and sleeping bag

If you haven’t heard of Happy Nappers yet, you’ll know right away. It combines all the great features of pillows, sleeping bags and soft toys. This fluffy unicorn pillow can easily be folded into a rainbow sleeping bag. Perfect for games, cars, movie nights, or staying at grandma’s house, this pillow is the ultimate in unicorn nap fashion.
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Where can I buy unicorn gifts?

Unicorn gifts can be found everywhere these days. Amazon has impressive choices, and a quick online search has millions of possibilities. Your local toy store may have a wide variety of unicorn toys. In fact, most stores have unicorn merchandise in stock! The children’s clothing section of the most popular stores has unicorn themed clothing, and you can find a variety of unicorn items in gift shops.

How to make your own unicorn gift bag?

If you’re planning on giving your child a new unicorn toy or gift, you’ll probably want to wrap it in a matching wrapper! Making your own unicorn gift bag is very simple and can be fun! To get started, you’ll need a simple white gift bag and some DIY materials (black markers, tissue paper, pink and white foam, and finally some gold paper or paper).

Foam is used to cut out the shape of the ear, and the horn is cut out of the gold leaf. Finally, glue all the pieces in place, draw an eye in front with a marker and put some colored tissue paper over the bag to make it look like a unicorn mane. You can even decorate your bag with flowers and stars to make it truly unique!

If you don’t want to make your own packaging, you can buy lots of unicorn gift boxes and adjust the unicorn gift tag to make sure your child is the perfect gift for you.

Benefits of giving your child a unicorn-themed toy

One of the main benefits of choosing a unicorn toy for your child is the positive impact playing with such toys can have on your child’s imagination. Children will surely feel happy and relaxed when they play with the new unicorn toys.

Unicorn toys are ideal because they are always available – some can be used in the bathtub, and stuffed animals can be used to curl up at night. So you can rest assured that you will get great value for money as your kids will get the most out of their new toys.

Final idea

We’ve selected a range of great unicorn toys so you can be sure you’ll love it whatever you choose for your baby! Whatever the opportunity and the amount you are spending, our reviews here are for you. The large plush unicorn is perfect for girls looking for new companions to take anywhere. The little unicorn in the bag is perfect for the little ones.

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