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17 Thinking Games for 8 Year Olds that Will Make Them Smarter

thinking games for 8 year olds

There is no shortage of thinking games for 8 year olds and in recent years their popularity has steadily increased. As fun and interactive ways to develop basic cognitive skills, these games can improve your child’s concentration and attention span, while giving you a better understanding of her strengths and weaknesses.

You can also introduce your child to various science kits, crafts, building kits and solar system models through these toys. These toys help spark her interest and attention and are a great teaching tool. To help you choose the right one, we’ve compiled a list of popular thinking games for 8 year olds.

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List of 17 Best Thinking Games For 8 Year Olds

Days of Wonder DOW 7201

Fancy a trip to North America? Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train game, the goal of which is to take the longest possible route for your journey: the longer, the more points you get, although the highest point generator connects two distant cities. Are you ready for the challenge of tracking trains?
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Mattel BJV44 Blokus Game

It’s time to think strategically with Blokus. With this game, all players are given 21 pieces and take turns placing their colored tiles on the board, while trying to block spaces so the competition can’t use them either. The player who wins is the one with the fewest coins remaining.
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Rummikub Original Rummy Tile Game

Strengthen your STEM skills with Rummikub, the original rummy tile game. Based on both strategy and luck, it really is possible for anyone to win this fast-paced game, right down to the last minute. The boards are constantly changing throughout the game, so no one knows what will happen next. Will you be the winner?
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Hasbro A2120E180 Jenga Classic Game

Jenga is the classic family game – there will definitely be no sibling fights when you play Jenga, it’s great fun and makes everyone laugh, making it the perfect game for 8 year olds. They will like not knowing when the tower will fall and, of course, rebuilding it.
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Jax 8002 Sequence Game

This game is fun and simple: just match your cards to the ones in the tableau, and if you have a match, place your colored marker on them, and once you have a row of 5 markers, that’s a sequence! The winner is the first to match 5 sequences before their opponent.
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Dragonwood Game Dice Daring Board

Do you dare to face Dragonwood? Each in turn, players draw a new card or try to capture a creature or even an upgrade. Take it upon yourself to form the strongest card combinations, but will you choose to Hit, Stomp, or Shout to win?
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Hasbro A5826079 Clue Game

With Clue, you must discover who the traitor assassin could be; Had Green left the chandelier in the office, or could it have been Plum with the wrench in the library? Who knows, it’s up to you and your friends to find the information and solve this confusing mystery.
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Gamewright 418 Outfoxed Game Board

Oh no! Mrs. Plumpert’s yummy cake has been stolen, so it’s up to you, your detective friends, and your trusty evidence scanner to find out which sneaky fox made off with the yummy cake. But you better act fast before the hungry thief escapes from the chicken coop leaving you all outmatched.
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Mattel DKD47 Pictionary Game

Get the whole family involved with Pictionary, the picture guessing game. Pictionary is the perfect game for 8-year-olds as it challenges their imagination, whether it’s their turn to draw or guess what weird picture their friend might draw. Imagine the fun everyone could have!
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Aesgogo Creative Fort Building Kit

Encourage the architect in her son as he builds forts, castles, towers, tents and tunnels with this fort building kit. This STEM kit includes 120 components: 75 plastic rods and 45 plastic balls with holes that can be connected via a loop design. Children can build it alone, with friends or family and develop their imagination, creativity and logical thinking, while enjoying the challenge of building. Once the structure is complete, kids can put a sheet over it and create a hidden space for themselves. This toy for 8 year olds can be used both indoors and outdoors, it comes with step-by-step instructions and kids can start with simple structures and progress to more complex ones.
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Kearui Robot Dog

This robotic dog also looks just like a real dog if you don’t have one or want your child to learn about dogs. He barks when you touch his tail and the light in his eyes changes with the sound as he moves to interact with your child. This intelligent 35-piece robotic dog responds to commands and detects gestures: it can walk, slide, bark, sleep, yawn, move forward and backward. All the accessories for assembling the toy are available according to the manual, which allows children to assemble it independently. This toy for 8 year olds improves hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, construction skills and creativity. Made of premium quality non-toxic ABS plastic material, the pieces are strong, durable and completely safe for children.
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Livin Come on! spelling game

This educational toy for 8-year-olds includes 52 colorful lowercase letters and 28 double-sided word cards to develop children’s right and left brains and strengthen the ability to recognize lowercase letters. Children learn through bright and vibrant games, cartoons and illustrations as they look at a picture and try to spell the word. Cultivate interest in learning and also improve word recognition and hand-eye coordination. Cognitive skills, reading and spelling skills, concentration and color recognition are improved by this game. It is made of high-quality cardboard with a wood core, smooth paper, rounded edges, easy to grip, non-toxic and safe for children. This wooden puzzle comes with a storage bag so no pieces are missing.
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Cubic Fun Race Tracks

This toy for eight year olds improves fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and helps children understand cause and effect. Includes a 2-in-1 track with 3 toy cars: ambulance, police car and fire truck that must be guided through obstacles and 8 challenges. It has a built-in mechanical link track and has 6 buttons to help you complete challenges. It is designed with colors to stimulate children’s color perception. Made of premium non-toxic ABS plastic material, non-toxic water-based paint, and smooth corners and edges, it is very safe for children.
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Melissa Doug Suspend Family Game

This Melissa & Doug Suspension game requires steady hands. A great way to bring the family together around the table or entertain your child when he has some friends over to play. It’s not a chatty game though – everyone falls silent as the tension builds and it gets even more difficult.
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Catan Studios CN3071

Catan takes around 60 minutes to complete, ensuring fun family times, to be sure, but that’s only if you can resist playing it a second time, again. It’s time to move to Catan and take control, starting with ports, fields, mountains, forests, and more in an effort to guide your settlers to ultimate victory.
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Dan And Darci Luminous Terrarium Set

Children marvel at this miniature container garden and learn to appreciate the wonders of nature, science and life. This all-inclusive kit helps them create their own terrarium that glows at night and grows by day, thanks to the LED light under the lid. Simply turn on the light and watch your terrarium transform into a beautiful illuminated garden. Kit includes 4″ x 6″ terrarium pot with glitter lid, vermiculite soil, river rocks, chia seeds, blue sand, wheatgrass, a micro USB charging cable, an instruction booklet, small mushrooms and miniature rabbits, a spray bottle. , removable stickers to decorate and a wooden stick to plant the seeds.
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PlayMonster 7472 Stratego Original

Two armies face off in Stratego. It’s up to you to lead your team of troops and spies to victory and capture the flag, although your opponent’s team will do everything they can to prevent you from doing so. Will you choose the red team or the blue team to achieve victory?
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Last word

Now that you’ve gone through our review of the 17 best thinking games for 8 year olds, let us give you some tips on how to choose the right toy to ensure your child has fun and a great learning experience. .

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