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The BEST Gift Outdoor Toys for 11 Year Old boys And Girls

Looking for the perfect gift for 11 year old boys and girls? Whether you’re shopping for a birthday or Christmas, we have the best outdoor toys to impress your child. This is the coolest 11 year old gift quick guide. At the bottom of the page you’ll find outdoor toys for boys and girls, as well as games, books and science kits for kids to brainstorm and assemble.
Outdoor Toys for 11 Year Old
This list ranges from expensive toys to inexpensive toys. This outdoor toys for 11 year old idea are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or any time in between. The best toys for 11 year olds will keep you entertained when playing outdoors, from Football, basketball, blaster to new stunt scooters.

Whether you looking for a toy for birthday, Christmas, or anytime in between, we’ve got covered. Your boys and girls is quickly approaching these teenagers or cherishing this “interpolated” year a little longer.

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List of Outdoor Toys for 11 Year Olds below:

GoSports Slammo Game Set Outdoor Toys

Take this game set with you on vacation for a fun time for kids and adults. It’s like volleyball, but you don’t need a long net. This 2v2 game can be folded into a stowed and briefcase away after a day at the beach in the trunk.

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Nerf N-Strike ECS-10 Blaster Module

This custom Modulus N-Strike blaster, the zombie hordes don’t stand a chance – kids use props to defeat the undead, whether they’re trying to expand their  range or target range. You can create 30 different combinations of fire and blasters darts relentlessly.

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Franklin Youth Boy’s Goal Post Set

Kids can practice kicking professionally with this making it a fun toy, adjustable goal post for 11 year olds to play in this time. Simply filling the base of the goal post with water is little and stable football players can immediately start scoring touchdowns.

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VTech Kidizoom Action Camera

With this cool gadget, kids can take photos and selfies with two different cameras, and customize their watch face with pictures. If you still have trouble reading an analog clock face, this fun toy will help you learn through photo effects, voice changers, and games.

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Playshion Pro Stunt Scooter and Metal Core

This professional scooter is designed for stunts. The wide Y-bars and deck tape help kids control and the metal-core wheels won’t break when landing is harder than expected. Easy to assemble, kids can quickly practice jumping and scythe.

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Envy Series 6 Genie

A great upgrade for kids who are sure to ride a scooter, the Prodigy is the latest take on the Envy series – kids envy friends roaming the neighborhood with this sleek, high-quality, black and gold design. It is the target of.

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Fishing Reels Fishing Rods Catch More Fish

Once you get used to this life-size rod, your kids can improve their grip and confidence. It also comes with a lure and lure box box so kids can get on board on their next fishing trip with everything they need to catch the bigger ones.

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Trademark Global Crockett Set with Case

Outdoor toys for 11 year old to play with their family in the garden or go to the park. This classic wooden croquet set includes a 6 person club, ball and a carrying case. So you can take it with you when you’re on the go.

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Neon Hoverboard Accessories

Kids can customize the hoverboard with this wonderful accessory. HoverKart can be attached to models of almost any size to give kids a spring loaded seat for a stylish ride. The lever can be used to control the even perform and hoverboard stunts such as 360 degree rotations.

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Spalding Zi/O Excel Basketball Tournament

Ambitious basketball players will love shooting a basket with the official NBA ball. ZI-O tournament balls meet official weight and size specifications for professional matches and have a foam liner under the skin for more precise passing and dribbling.

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Nerv Nitro Flash Fury Chaos

Kids can use these Nitro Kits to create their stunts by shooting Nerf Blaster foam cars instead of shooting darts at the person of them in front. The aim is to attack the target,  show off your skills and avoid obstacles. So, that you can shoot three cars in a row without reloading.

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FMX Trick Scooter

This FMX scooter helps beginners perform stunts like a pro. So, it’s uneven park terrain or smooth pavement. Designed to speed up the speed at which kids learn tricks (in addition to the speed from A to B), gold and black frame is stylish and lightweight.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt

If the zombies can feel the thrill, they’ll be afraid to see this dreadbolt. Survivors can shoot attackers by triggering crossbows, pressing triggers, loading weapons and sending flying arrows at oncoming hordes of zombies.

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Original LED Ski Scooter

Kids don’t have to live in Alaska to enjoy this ski scooter. The 2 in 1 design can be similar to a scooter on a flat grassy surface or a snowboard for the dunes. The handle also has an LED light so that child can see it.

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Snow Arrow Lazersled Pipeline

Kids will be the fastest of all friends on this sled. The front is shaped like an arrow and becomes aerodynamic when descending on grass or snow. A repair kit is attached to any bumps along the way to prevent the sled from breaking with a hard finish in the cold .

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Razor Pro RDS Scooter

As the name suggests, Razor Pro scooters use advanced technology. The aluminum frame is made with aircraft-grade materials and the tires are designed to deal with dirt when riding off-road. That’s exactly what kids practice through the air to fly.

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Wilson NFL Pro Replica Ball

Kids run around the yard like a professional football player with this replica of the NFL “Duke” play ball. It has a firmer texture than other balls for baby’s play and has 174% more grip to prevent the ball from falling when there is a decisive point to be scored.

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