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Toysery Airbus A380 Airplane Toy for Kids Ages 3-12

This Toysery Airplane Toy for Kids is the perfect gift for your child. With its realistic appearance, this toy is made from a high-quality and sturdy plastic material that immitates a genuine Airbus A380 model plane. Its bright and colorful LED flashing lights will surely catch your child’s attention. The advanced modern toy also features a smart motion sensor that uses a ‘Bump and Go’ system.
Airbus A380 Airplane Toy
Whenever it hits an obstacle, it will automatically turn right and re-route its direction. The plane also emits realistic jet engine sound that can be easily switched on and off. It requires 3 AA batteries which are already included in the package. Assembling the plane is easy and hassle-free. Just put the batteries in and fit the wings and it’s ready to fly. With its cool features, this toy is an excellent gift for birthdays and Christmas.

Airbus A380 Features:



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FAQS About Airbus A380 :

Q1. What are the dimensions of the Airbus A380 model toy airplane?
Ans. The dimensions of the Airbus A380 model toy airplane are 17 x 4.5 x 3.2 inches.

Q2. What batteries are required to power the toy airplane?
Ans. The toy airplane requires 3 AA batteries to power it.

Q3. Does the toy airplane have any sound or lights?
Ans. Yes, the toy airplane has flashing built-in LED lights and real jet engine sound. The sound can be easily switched ON and OFF at any time.

Q4. How does the toy airplane move?
Ans. The toy airplane has a built-in ‘Bump and Go’ system. Anytime it is about to hit an obstacle, it turns right and will re-route its direction.

Q5. Is the toy airplane a good gift for children?
Ans. Yes, the toy airplane is an excellent gift for children. It has realistic appearance, smart motion sensor, colorful lights and sound, and is easy to assemble.

Buying Guide for Airbus A380 Airplane Toy

1. Quality: Make sure that you are purchasing a high-quality model plane made from a sturdy plastic material that will last for a long time.

2. Features: Look for airplanes that have built-in LED lights and a smart motion sensor to help your child’s plane avoid obstacles. Also, make sure that the plane has a realistic sound that can be easily switched on and off.

3. Assemble: Some planes may require batteries and assembly, so make sure to check the instructions carefully before purchasing.

4. Age Appropriate: Make sure to select a plane that is appropriate for the age of your child.

5. Price: Compare prices of different brands and models to get the best deal.


The Airbus A380 model airplane toy is a perfect gift for any child who loves to explore the skies. Not only is this toy realistic in its appearance, but it also has a smart motion sensor and colorful LED lights and sound effects to make it even more exciting. With an easy to assemble design and included batteries, this toy is sure to bring hours of fun and imaginative playtime for your little one. A great gift for any occasion, this toy is sure to make any child smile with joy.

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